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23 July 2015,     TORONTO
Untapped magazine wants readers to find their flow
 Vol 1. No. 0 of Untapped magazine
It was 16 years ago that Michael Brooke launched Concrete Wave, a magazine dedicated to longboarding. Yesterday he launched his new venture Untapped Magazine, dedicated to helping people find their flow. It was only fitting that the launch party took place the Rest Nest Float Club in Yorkville, a provider of float therapy.

So what is flow? According to Brooke its when you lose track of time, you’re “in the zone,” loving life and completely filled with joy. In Brooke’s editorial for the first issue he quoted Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who has been researching flow for 40 years, from an interview in Wired Magazine:  “Every action, movement, and thought flows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills to the utmost.”

For Brooke, the transition from a longboarding publication, to one on flow was only natural.

 Publisher/ editor Michael Brooke
“I have found my flow in publishing a magazine on skateboarding, but I’ve equally found even greater flow in documenting how other people find their flow, and furthermore I found true happiness in bringing people together to help facilitate even more flow,” Brooke said. “So in a sense it’s a connection, within a connection, within a connection.”

The magazine plans to give artists, authors, and businesses the opportunity to be a part of the publication in their own way.

“The magazine is completely franchisable and customizable, so we sell a franchise to a group of people, or a person who is interested in spreading ideas through Untapped,” he said. “We will offer the inside front cover, the inside back cover and the back cover, which they can sell. We’ll also work with them if they want to customize the front cover. Essentially the guts of the magazine will remain Untapped, but that can also be customizable through eight or 16 page inserts. I’m opening up a bed and breakfast, but you can also cook your own dinner in there if you want.”

To get more specific:

In lieu of an upfront franchise fee, city publishers will remit payments for each issue along with a royalty. The payments cover the cost of producing, printing and shipping the 5,000 local magazines. There is also a 10% royalty on ads that are sold.
We welcome independent individuals with a zest for truly making a difference in their communities. As a city publisher of UNTAPPED, you are a catalyst for change.
As a publisher, we are looking at small to medium size advertisers who are looking for an alternative way to reach people. Niche magazines combined with niche advertisers make for a powerful way to connect with consumers.
The fact is that you will need advertisers to make this work – but you don’t need dozens and dozens. Even if you don’t sell all the space, you will still get 5,000 magazines…and you won’t have to worry about editorial, photos or layout.

Sales and editorial training will be provided upon signing of the publishing agreement. The fee for this will be travel, accommodation and food costs.
The training will be for two full days. It will include visits with local prospects and those people who will be interviewed for the magazine.
City publishers of UNTAPPED will be able to manage a part-time business, knowing they have access to publishing professionals who can guide them at every turn. City publishers will have on-going telephone/skype/email support. Up to two hours a week will be available for publishers to discuss questions or concerns online.

If you find that you have sold out of the 3 pages and need additional pages, this option is available. City Publishers can take additional 8 pages to sell ads or to create their own stories. The cost is $2500 and this includes layout and printing.

Some of the attendees at the Untapped launch party on Wed. July 22

The first issue of Untapped includes articles on the creators of Flipd, an app to help the digitally addicted, digitally detox; artist Chris Dyer; the nanoleaf, a lightbulb that claims to last for 27 years, and Midsummer’s Dream, the Hamilton peace festival. 

Brooke said he has more initiatives in the works, including a potential Untapped festival and exposition. Untapped Magazine will be published quarterly. There will be 5,000 free copies of each issue distributed to local shops, events and art galleries.

Contact Michael Brooke and his team for more information.

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