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20 July 2012,     TORONTO
Toronto Life magazine website breaks traffic records
Ok, so it might be a slow news day in the magazine world. But here's something... Toronto Life's online advertisers are no doubt happy today as "juicy" web content helped the magazine's site reach record traffic numbers yesterday.

St. Joseph Media (TL's owner) noted a spot about Doug Gilmour's house for sale, along with a number of photo galleries (referred to as Party Pages) including coverage of the The Dark Knight Rises premiere drove yesterday's numbers to 299,000 page views, with 48,000 visitors for the day (35,000 unique).

Toronto Life drove numbers thanks to help from Batman
Toronto Life drove numbers thanks to help from Batman

Toronto Life
didn't offer the previous record numbers.

There was some social media hype about the high traffic numbers yesterday, as a Toronto editor Kevin Naulls (@kevinjn) bragged about the achievement through Twitter. "Best day in @toronto_life [dot com] history. Calling it," he wrote.

Dmitry Beniaminov, a web producer at St. Joseph (@beniaminov) responded to Naulls's tweet with: "Confirmed. Records broken. Servers intact. Stories read. Sponsors happy."
— Jeff Hayward
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Jaded says:
Wow, Torstar really seems to be on a mission to bankrupt one magazine after another....
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Full of terrific information, Thanks!...
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