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11 March 2023,     TORONTO, ON
The COPAs Reveals New Top 10 Rankings of the 2022 Award Winners
The COPA’s has unveiled a new ranking of the 2022 entries, the top ten scores from all the entries will be showcased as part of the COPA’s mission to make some noise for Canadian publishers. This ranking will show the scores out of 100 that was received by the 92 volunteers on the judging panel. 

The results show how competitive the COPAs is with the difference between #1 and #10 was less than 5% - 91.67/100 versus 96.5/100. Twenty two entries emerged in the top 10, as ties were allowed. There was a tie for #1 between entries from Today’s Trucking and Lawyer 360 Canada (Lawyers Weekly). These two entries were in a tie for their category, but Lawyers 360 Canada won the Gold medal tie-breaker. They both had a score of 96.50/100. Second place went to Fête Chinoise with a score of 95.67/100. There was a two way tie for third from Glacier Media’s New Westminster Record and Policy Options with a score of 95.33/100.

Check out the COPA TOP TEN as each entry is linked so you can explore this award winning work from Canadian Publishers in the 2022 Edition of the COPA Awards below.

CBC North’s two gold medals also earned them a #9 and #10 ranking. One of the Academic divsion student entries from the University of King’s College received a rating of #8 to show the the work coming from the schools is top-notch. Travelzoo had two TOP 10 rankings (#6 and #9)  which is significant as their entries are considered as content marketing.  Urbania a French language publication garnered two in the TOP 10 at #7 and #9.

Some other silver medals winners also emerged in the TOP 10 for their entries as Village Media ( and  who won two silvers but had two TOP 10 rankings (#5 and #7). Sharp Magazine another silver medal winner was ranked in the TOP 10 with #9. 


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