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13 July 2022,     TORONTO
Report: Google tries to undermine Bill C-18
The Logic has published its investigation into Google efforts to undermine Bill C-18, which would compel it to pay news organizations for using their content. The story takes a close look at how Google has tried to foment opposition to the bill, beyond official lobbying activities.

            According to the story, “Google has embarked on a quieter parallel campaign to foment opposition to the bill. The company has leveraged its power and ubiquity to spread its opposition amongst academics, journalists, and publishers whom the firm hopes will echo this opposition in the public square, putting pressure on legislators to change the bill or kill it outright.”

            In addition to protecting its revenue, Google wants to prevent the Online News Act from being used as a template around the world.

The story was reprinted in the Financial Post

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Jaded says:
Wow, Torstar really seems to be on a mission to bankrupt one magazine after another....
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Lorene Shyba says:
Full of terrific information, Thanks!...
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