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15 March 2013,     BC, PEI
Recycling and taxes: Reminders for BC and PEI publishers
Publishers with magazines sold in the British Columbia residential marketplace must register with the recycling authority, filing a Stewardship Plan with Multi-Material British Columbia by March 31.

The original November 5, 2012 deadline has been extended. Magazines Canada notes that "this is of particular importance if you participate in Magazines Canada's distribution program, and your title is distributed in BC."

Publishers must either appoint MMBC, a not-for-profit collective of producers, as their agent, or submit their own plan. Submitting your own plan means being fully responsible for the collection of your products.

For more information, visit Magazines Canada.

Regarding taxes, BC and Prince Edward Island publishers should note changes in provincial rates taking effect on April 1.

BC is replacing its 12% HST tax with 5% GST and 7% PST taxes.

PEI is replacing its 5% GST and 9% PST taxes with a 14% HST tax.

Download more info for BC here, and more on PEI here.
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