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18 December 2014,     QUÉBEC
Québec's BLD Publications will keep its funding
Québec’s Minister of Economy, Innovation and Exports, Jacques Daoust, announced that he will not follow through with the proposal made by his department to cut funding to organizations that support the sciences. The cuts would have affected BLD Publications magazines: Les Débrouillards, Les Explorateurs and the recently launched Curium magazine.  

The Débrouillards, Explorateurs and Curium team
Le Devoir reported that the publisher was told the funds would instead be given to older science students.

The Montreal Gazette reported that readers took to social media to rally behind the science-based youth publications.

The Montreal-based media-monitoring company Influence Communication reported that there were more than 2,500 tweets on the topic in 48 hours, by Twitter subscribers with a total of 6.1 million followers.

The decision means BLD will continue to receive its annual subsidy. According to BLD Publications editor Félix Maltais, “Our annual grant from the provincial government is either $130, 000 or $117, 000 (10% cut) depending.  That’s for our two magazines, Les Débrouillards and Les Explorateurs, and our websites, and a few minor activities (book publishing, apps, etc.). In 2014 they added a special amount of $59 000 for our new magazine Curium. So a total of $189,000 which makes for an exceptional year.”

Maltais shared his gratitude with readers on the Débrouillards website:

Thanks to your testimony, emails, Facebook and Twitter messages, the Québec government will no longer cut subsidies to scientific culture organizations, like our magazines, Science Fair, Science-Presse Agency and others that are dedicated to the promotion of science and technology among young people and adults.  I also want to thank  Minister Daoust, who quickly realized the grave mistake made by his ministry and who corrected it quickly.  Continue to support us by reading our magazines and spreading the word!

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