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22 January 2020,     TORONTO
Publishers Blast Canada Post On Expanding Flyer Distribution
Key income for community news is flyer distribution
Key income for community news is flyer distribution
News Media Canada  a national advocacy group for print media has blasted Canada Post’s plans to expand its retail flyer distribution and is calling on the federal parties to block what the group calls unfair competition. Unlike Canada Post, newspapers that distribute flyers do not have access to lockboxes in apartments and condominiums.
“We don’t mind fair competition, but this is using taxpayer dollars and an unfair advantage to deliberately undercut private business,”
said John Hinds, president and CEO of News Media Canada — an organization that represents some 800 private print and digital outlets across Canada . “Flyers are a major pillar of the revenue that funds local journalism,” said Hinds, adding newspapers are where two-thirds of Canada’s journalists are working and where people get their news and information about their communities.
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