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16 March 2023,     AUSTRALIAN
Monotype Makes Deal With Canva
Graphic design platform that is used to create social media graphics.
Graphic design platform that is used to create social media graphics.
 Monotype has reached a deal with digital design platform Canva to make more than 1,100 curated fonts available to Canva’s 110 million monthly users. The partnership will allow Canva users to use established types such as Sabon and Helvetica, alongside new standards such as Gotham and Recoleta. Canva founded in 2012 has seen rapid growth. Now employing over 7,000, the firm’s template-based design platform has become a staple for many designers . Monotype says our  partnership with Canva puts high-quality fonts into the hands of more than 100 million people and will influence billions of designs. It’s really taking the best of creativity and technology — bringing the power of type to the world. Monotype Fonts includes 36,000 fonts. Global brands—including ByteDance, Bridgestone, Logitech, Nike China, Nippon Seiki, Signa, and Wendy’s—are among the most recent companies to choose Monotype Fonts for their digital-forward branding.

36,000 Type Fonts
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