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15 October 2020,    
Michael Hollett’s next magazine venture
 Michael Hollett, former owner of Now is launching a new publishing venture next month, reports FYI Music News. Nextmag, billed as a magazine for people who don’t read magazines, will be a glossy four-colour monthly targeting 20-somethings in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.


Editorial will focus on music, fashion, food, alcohol, gaming and cannabis, with an upbeat delivery produced by next-gen talent. According to the website “Next offers irresistible insights into music, arts and fun as well as essential tips on how to get the most out of life in three of Canada’s most exciting cities. Next writers find the best in music and style, food, drink, gaming, cannabis, movies and TV as well as hyper-local insights on must-see events in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.”



Hollett’s positioning for Next is similar to the strategy he used for Now: a magazine for hip young readers, with content that’s all about them and a medium that is so old it’s cool again.   


Distribution will be made up of a combination of select pick-up points and some home delivery services, while investors are drawn from two established North American media companies and a few well-heeled Canadian musicians.


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