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16 June 2020,     NEW YORK
Magazines In Canada Report
Statista has come out with a report "Magazines in Canada ". In general, the magazine market in North America is declining. The number of magazine readers in Canada have been decreasing since 2014, falling from 17.2 million down to 15.9 in 2016. In the same period, revenues from newsstand sales sank by over 79 million U.S. dollars. A reason for this decline could be that consumption among younger audiences is lower than that of older generations.
The most recent data shows that 44 percent of Canadians aged between 21 and 34 years old read print magazines weekly, compared to 67 percent of those aged between 50 and 69. If this trend continues, we can expect to see the overall readership of print magazines in Canada reduce as Millennials turn to other sources of entertainment. 
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Wow, Torstar really seems to be on a mission to bankrupt one magazine after another....
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