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22 August 2012,     TORONTO
Little Brother magazine hits book store shelves
It appears we've missed another Toronto launch party (I'm sure our invite got lost in the mail), but a new quarterly has hit the shelves.

Little Brother was funded out-of-pocket by editor Emily Keeler, with its first issue focusing on the "little brother" theme exploring "inferiority, smallness, generation, and so on," noted Keeler.

A scene from the Little Brother launch party (which we weren't at) - photo by Charles Yao
Scene from the Little Brother launch party (which we weren't at) - photo by Charles Yao

Keeler said 300 copies were initially printed (there may be a second print run), with two dozen subscribers so far. The magazine is working with a handful of "select small and independent book retailers" that buy the magazine wholesale.

The next issue is "The Jokes" issue. "The plan is to continue to solicit strong and original essays, photography, and short fiction that fit the theme of each issue and, of course, the Little Brother sensibility," noted Keeler. "The print magazine is not, at this time, considering submissions."

The website, on the other hand, is taking submissions (guidelines here). There's also an associated newsletter.

The next print issue comes out in January, with a full publishing cycle planned for 2013. Subscriptions are $45 a year for four issues, according to the website.
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Wow, Torstar really seems to be on a mission to bankrupt one magazine after another....
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