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28 November 2013,     TORONTO
InBetween talks to parents of young adults
A new online magazine called inBetween looks to capture a different segment of the parenting market: parents of teenagers and young adults ages 14-22.

Most Canadian parenting publications cater to moms with babies, toddlers or kids in elementary school, said co-founder Rachel Naud. The idea for inBetween was hatched during kids' play dates with fellow mom and writer, co-founder Liz Bruckner, when the two realized their sons would one day be teenagers, with teenager problems.

The inaugural issue of InBetween was released on Nov. 22
The inaugural issue of inBetween was released Nov. 22

"We thought that this could be a great go-to source for parents that are going through that right now, but also for us in the near future," said Naud. Her son is seven; Bruckner has three sons ranging in age from nine months to seven years.

Naud describes inBetween as a parenting/lifestyle magazine. The first issue includes lighter content like fashion spreads and beauty tips (for parents, not kids), but also tackles parenting tough spots. "We did a story about STIs, and tried to take a different approach," said Naud.

Instead of examining statistics about STIs in Canada, the feature cuts to the heart of the matter. "What are you going to do if your kid comes home with an STI?" Naud said. "[The magazine] talks about everything, the highs and lows of that challenging time in life when you are raising a dependent."

A full page ad costs $1,650. Advertisers in the first issue, covered by entrepreneur and interior decorating guru Debbie Travis, include Travelocity, Sorel and Subaru.

Naud's background includes a tenure at Canwest News Service (now Postmedia). After the birth of her son, she transitioned to full-time freelance writing for newspapers and magazines including Chatelaine, Teen Glow and Oxygen. Bruckner brings both online and print experience. She's worked for Kaboose and the Walt Disney Internet Group, and written for titles like Today's Parent, Canadian Family and Glow.

InBetween will publish bimonthly using Issuu, and Naud says a mobile app for phones and tablets is in the works. Readers can subscribe for free at

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