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15 July 2015,     TORONTO
InBetween makes the leap to Kobo, Kindle on July 20
 The August/September 2015 issue
, the digital magazine that aims to make parenting tween, teens and young adults a little bit easier, is now available on Kobo, and will hit Kindle newsstands on July 20.

The magazine was launched in 2013, and was distributed through Issuu, until now.

American readers will be able to purchase InBetween through Kindle/Amazon, and both American and Canadians can purchase issues of the magazine through Kobo, a company with 11 million subscribers across North America.

“Kobo is a well-known destination for readers. It has a wealth of magazines and books in its stable and its reach is impressive,” founder and editor-in-chief Rachel Naud said. “Demographic-wise, many of our readers are already on Kobo so it's a great fit!”

Initially that demographic was parents of children and young adults in the 14-22 age range, however InBetween has expanded its reach to include parents of 12-year-old tweens, since many of the issues are still relevant to them.

“Being added to Kobo's and Kindle's newsstands is a testament that the market is ready for a different kind of parenting magazine,” Naud said. “Parenting doesn't end at 12 or 13 and no other magazine is tackling the topics we are in the style in which we are. We're taking the "mommy" out of parenting magazines. Not only are we writing about the hard issues, we're also celebrating the fact that it's fun to be a parent in this phase of life. That's why we have our celebrity interviews, fashion, beauty and travel articles.”

Kobo’s director of magazines and newspapers, Jan R. Ehrlich, said that uniqueness is what made InBetween a match for its service.

“InBetween, a Canadian startup, was an online magazine when we met,” Ehrlich said. “There isn't anything like it in the market. If your child is 16 months old, there are many magazines to choose from. But for parents of a 16-year-old?  There's just this one. We suggested they consider a digital edition, with all the production value that brings, and thought it would be a great addition to our magazine store, which has a global audience.”

 The Dream Job section of InBetween debuts in the latest issue

In the latest issue, a new section will make its debut. "Dream Job" gives parents the tools they need to support their kids in their careers, with the help of advice from experts.

In addition to its content, Naud credits the talent and skills of art director, Caroline Bishop, with helping InBetween get picked up by Kindle and Kobo. Bishop has been with the magazine since its second issue.

InBetween is published bimonthly and is available for $1.99 per issue, or $8.99 for a yearly subscription.

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