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7 June 2016,     TORONTO
For those in search of a Curated Life
 Issue One: The Start Up Issue
Late last month Curated Life magazine was launched—for and by millennial women entrepreneurs.

At the helm of the new Canadian publication is editor-in-chief Julene Chung. Masthead spoke to Chung in 2008, when she launched Luminosus, a lifestyle magazine for students and young professionals.

In her new endeavour, Chung is aiming to create empowering lifestyle events and media content for women. According to Chung’s Editorial Letter in the magazine’s inaugural issue, “curating your life means carefully choosing what you allow to shape your identity, atmosphere, relationships and sense of wellbeing.” 

“According to recent research, millennial women entrepreneurs face a unique set of challenges due to being both young and women,” she continued. “These challenges include difficulty with business planning, lack of confidence, and lack of financial literacy and limited access to venture capital.”

Chung wants to connect her readers with a community and resources to help start and or grow successful businesses.

Curated Life will cost readers $22.31 for a hardcopy, which covers the cost of printing. Every copy sold will go towards funding the second issue. The digital issue is currently available online.

Visit the to learn more and to view footage from the launch party

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