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22 December 2020,     TORONTO, ON
COPA 2020 Winners to be announced on February 4 in an Re-Invented Digital Event
The COPA 2020 Winners will be announced on Thursday February 4, 2021 for 12 Annual COPA Awards that will be held in a digital venue this year. This re-invented COPA digital event will have an innovative approach to your typical Zoom call meeting. Each attendee will have the own personal avatar to virtually walk the venue and can go on the stage to receive their award.  The event will enable attendees to network and party together as you can send over drink emoticon and start a chat or go into room with for a group social with video.  There will also be speakers from Business Wire and Happyfication for journalists, content creators and publishers.The COPAs will have an After Party activity on a Paradise Island for you to party with your team. Tickets are $30 each. For more information CLICK HERE



Dates: February 3 and 4, 2020

Wednesday: February 3: Digital Venue Open House

Thursday: February 4: COPA AWARDS PARTY

Presentations: 2pm and 3pm 

BusinessWire: Content Trends (30 mins)

Happyification: Media Tech Trends (30 mins)

COPA Awards - 4 -7pm

COPA AFTER Party 7-9pm

Cost: $30 person (10% discount for 5 or more)

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Jaded says:
Wow, Torstar really seems to be on a mission to bankrupt one magazine after another....
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Marty Seto says:
Make Sure you Enter the COPAs this year. We have a FREE Covid-19 News category that is free to enter...
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