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4 February 2017,    
Advertising Week: State of Mobile from Google and Yahoo

It has been 10 years since the Apple iPhone was introduced in the marketplace and the use of mobile is maturing. This consumer entry point is stabilizing as the winners and losers in the mobile space are emerging. This article will reflect on the learning from the Google and Yahoo presentations heard at Advertising Week as part of the coverage this week's event. Some of this you may already know this and others may get discourage on the advertising opportunities in the mobile space as Facebook is becoming the dominant player for advertising.

In the Google presentation it was revealed that Brand marketers are a little behind in the mobile space as they have not optimized their websites for the mobile devices and thus are not meeting the expectations of the consumer. The smartphone is becoming the primary device for most consumers and Yahoo in their presentation revealed the consumers are spending close 5 hours a day on their smartphone. It is also seen that Phablets (6" Devices) are becoming a dominant device along with medium smartphones. Tablets are in 3rd place, so perhaps the hype around tablets is now fading.

 Left to Right: Jeff Lancaster, CEO of Catalyst; Fahd Ananta, Product Manager Shopify; Michael Tsang, Interactive Marketing, Mazda Canada; Miles Savage, Agency Business Development Manager, Google

The need to be convenient, helpful and fast load times was the primary concerns of consumers in their smartphones in the Google session. The need for immediate and relevant information and an experience that is the same as the desktop are expected. Some of the pet peeves of consumers are they cannot find what they want to buy, too many steps to make a purchase (click fatigue) and it takes too long to do a transaction are things brand marketers need to work on in the mobile experience. In other words they want what the want when they want i.e.: immediate gratification

Michael Tsang, Interactive manager from Mazda one of the panel members in the Google session stated that the mobile device is viewed as a customer acquisition tool and customer retention/loyalty is a combination of the smartphone and desktop as part of their digital plans. Fahd Anantna, Product Manager at Shipify said the Mobile experience must be kept simple  and it need to be fast to keep the consumer’s attention.

 Left to Right: Claude Galipeau, Country Manager Canada, Yahoo, Yannis Dosios, VP of Platform and Exchange Business, Yahoo/Flurry Analytics

According to Jeff Lancaster, CEO of Catalyst, also on the same Google panel revealed the app frenzy is over and apps on the smartphone device are consolidating and to get on the smartphone it must have a high utility value to get a permanent spot on the smartphone. Yannis Donios, VP Platform and Exchange at Yahoo stated the top apps being used on the smartphones are Facebook 19%, Messaging and Social 13%, Music Media Entertainment 15% and Gaming at 11%. Sports, Business and Finance, Shopping and Health/Fitness are the content area users are gravitating to in their apps.

Trends to watch for in the future is the growing use of Snap chat as form of communtainment as social and messaging apps is growing and  it is estimated that users spend 46 minutes a day in this area according to Yahoo via their Flurry analytics software. Both sessions talked artificial Intelligence in chat boxes and voice as the next wave of usage on smartphones.  Virtual reality was also discussed as part of the next wave as hardware development progresses, but I am bullish on this as this concept may be like the hype surrounding 3D TV. But no matter what happens in future the consumer will drive adoption as the choices emerge.


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