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14 November 2011,     TORONTO
AOL Canada launches iPad magazine 'that reads you'
AOL Canada has launched Editions, a free daily magazine for the iPad that tailors content to each reader's interests.

Available for free on the App Store, Editions aggregates content "from various Canadian networks and news sites including, but not limited to, AOL properties," noted Brad Cressman, head of content for AOL Canada.

AOL notes that Editions "leverages a sophisticated set of algorithms that takes all of your actions into account ... to help learn what you do and don't like."


Editions has a cover, a list of top articles and a final page that features the user's daily horoscope. "The app replicates some of the features that make magazines fun to read, including beautiful pages, images and layout, and fast and easy page turning," according to AOL. "Every morning, at a time of your choosing, you'll receive a 30- to 40-page magazine tailored to your interests."

Regarding aggregating content from other sources, Cressman explained, "When Editions users read content from various sources, they read the first paragraph in the online magazine interface and then click through to the original source of the content to read the full story."

Cressman noted advertising opportunities will be available in six to eight weeks in Canada, while In the U.S., BMW was AOL's launch partner for the first Editions ads.

"We look forward to the unique mobile opportunities Editions will present for advertisers," he noted.
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