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19 October 2011,     OTTAWA
Canada Post looks to slap restrictions on unwrapped magazines
Magazine executives are on alert about a new requirement from Canada Post Corporation (CPC) limiting the type of covers on unwrapped magazines.

The change, outlined in July, states publishers must limit unwrapped magazine covers to one "gatefold." The CPC website states the change is based on "health and safety issues reported when handling unwrapped publications mail items bearing a 'gatefold' on the front and back covers."

But while Canada Post uses the 'gatefold' terminology, describing a gatefold as "an extension of a publication cover that is less than a full page in width on the front and/or back", a high-ranking industry source pointed out that it is not a gatefold being referred to based on the Canada Post description, but more accurately a partial cover. However, Canada Post officials did not respond to requests for more information, including a clarification on exactly what kind of cover is being restricted.

The industry source is also concerned as partial covers have been sold to clients and ready to run well into 2012, while the restriction is slated to come into effect Jan. 16, 2012.

CPC had also proposed to change specifications for business reply cards, with changes originally scheduled to come in January. However, that matter has been pushed off until July of next year as the postal giant consults with the industry for solutions.

Stay tuned to Masthead for further developments on this story.

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