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15 June 2011,     OTTAWA
Canada Post shuts all urban mail delivery to force resolution
THIS STORY HAS BEEN UPDATED: Canada Post last night took the dramatic step of locking out all urban postal employees and shutting down urban delivery across the country in a bid to force a resolution to the labour troubles.

"Following 12 days of increasingly costly and damaging rotating strikes being carried out by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), Canada Post has suspended operations across the country. The accelerating decline in volumes and revenue combined with the inability to deliver mail on a timely and safe basis has left the company with no choice but to make this decision," the post office said. 
The company said it has lost $100 million in revenue so far. And it cited unspecified incidents that "have raised concerns about the ability to move the mail while keeping our employees and customers safe." UPDATE: While the post office has been losing volumes and revenue, it has still been paying wages for those not on rotating strike.

Canada Post says it wants a negotiated settlement, but with the sides far apart it appears back-to-work legislation (being considered in the Air Canada strike) may be the only way to end the disruption. UPDATE: The last day of Parliament is June 23 before the House of Commons recesses for the summer.

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