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7 February 2011,     CANADA
ABC reports subs, total circ down, single-copy sales up to end 2010
[This post has been updated] The recent ABC FasFax report results, for the period from July to December, 2010 show total paid and certified circulation and total paid subscriptions numbers down and single-copy sales up from the same period in 2009.

The report measures circulation of the 59 reporting titles for July-December 2010 versus the same period in 2009.

The biggest gains for the period came from city magazine Montréal Centre-Ville, which saw its total circulation increase by 94.9% and paid subscriptions jump 98.3%. Rogers-published Canadian Business saw the biggest increase in single-copy sales, with an increase of 155.5%, over the same period in 2009.

On the flip side, St. Joseph Media-published FASHION Magazine dropped the most in total circulation, down 18.8% and subscriptions, down 21%. Transcontinental-published A+ dropped the most in single-copy sales for the period, down 45.9% from the same time last year.

Total Paid & Verified Circulation
2010 – 6,600,259
2009 – 6,877,328

down 4.03%

Total Paid Subscriptions

2010 -- 5,035,472
2009 -- 5,349,667

down 5.87%

Total Single-Copy Sales
2010 -- 1,247,459
2009 -- 1,175,830

up 6.09% 

Top five increases, total paid and verified circulation:
Montréal Centre-Ville: 94.9%
Moi & Cie (TVA): 44.2%
Hamilton Magazine (Sun Media): 39%
What’s Up – Canada’s Family Magazine (SunMedia):  17.8%
MoneySense (Roger’s Publishing):  11.5%

Top five decreases, total paid and verified circulation:
FASHION Magazine (St. Joseph Media): -18.8%
Reader’s Digest Canada (Reader’s Digest): -17.8%
Wild (Canadian Wildlife Federation): -17.5%
Selection Reader’s Digest (Reader’s Digest): -17.3%
Canadian Gardening (Transcontinental): -15.7%

Top five increases, paid subscriptions:

Montréal Centre-Ville: 98.3%
Moi & Cie (TVA): 81%
Tout Simplement Clodine (TVA): 47.7%
Hamilton Magazine (Sun Media): 40.4 %
Hello! Canada (Rogers Publishing): 19.5%

Top five decreases, paid subscription:
FASHION Magazine (St. Joseph Media): -21%
Reader’s Digest Canada (Reader’s Digest): -18.9%
Sélection Reader’s Digest (Reader’s Digest): -17.9%
Canadian Gardening (Transcontinental): -17%
LouLou (Rogers Publishing): -6.7%

Top five increases, single-copy sales:
Canadian Business (Rogers Publishing): 155.5 %
LouLou (Rogers Publishing): 108.4%
MoneySense (Rogers Publishing): 104.3
Maclean’s (Rogers Publishing): 77.1%
Fleurs Plantes Jardins (Transcontinental): 48.8 %

Top five decreases, single-copy sales:
A+ (Transcontinental): -45.9%
Canada’s History (Canada's National History Society): -38.0%
Tout Simplement Clodine (TVA): -31%
Flare (Rogers Publishing): -26.7%
Today’s Parent (Rogers Publishing): -21.3%

TVA -published titles Star Systeme and Derniere Heure both stopped using subscriptions in the last year so were omitted from the list.

ABC releases its FasFax report twice a year.

— Val Maloney
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