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21 December 2010,     TORONTO
Year end Q&A: The Kit
The Kit launched its online magazine in 2010 with a high-profile roster of editors. Publisher Giorgina Bigioni and associate publisher, content Doug Wallace tell Masthead their thoughts on 2010 and mantra for success in 2011.


Masthead: What has been the most exciting moment for Canadian magazines in 2010?

Giorgina Bigioni: The launch of the iPad.

Doug Wallace: When publishers FINALLY cottoned on to the fact that they had to actually pay attention to (i.e. retool and refinance) their digital products. It was like somebody flipped a switch.

MH: What is your mantra for success in 2011?

GB: Useful, informative, entertaining and beautiful content always!

DW: My personal mantra for 2011 is 'Just undo one more button!' (That's figurative, of course.) But for, it's 'Traf-fic, traf-fic, traf-fic, traf-fic.’

Masthead wants your thoughts on Canadian magazines in 2010, tweet your answers to our year end questions @Mastheadmag or e-mail them to

— V.M.
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