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19 August 2010,     TORONTO
Azure magazine undergoes redesign
Azure magazine has unveiled a new look with its September issue, from the size of the magazine to the logo.

The June 2010 Azure (left) and September redesigned issue
The June 2010 Azure (left) and September redesigned issue

Completed by Toronto-based design firm Concrete Design Communications Azure editor Nelda Rodger says they new look was mainly to keep the magazine fresh. “There was a sense that while we weren’t tired of the look we want to anticipate that before there is a real reason to do it.”

Major changes in the redesign, which began in March of this year include the word mark, which has been completely changed and the size of the magazine from Azure’s standard oversized look to a more “reader friendly” 9 x 11.5 inches. “We have had an oversized format for so long but felt at this point in the magazines history it is strong enough to withstand a radical change like this,” says Rodger. “It’s funny because before we did it people were saying do what you want with the magazine but don’t change the size. In fact a lot of people haven’t even noticed the change in size.”

Rodger says Azure chose Concrete Design Communications to complete the redesign because it has worked with the company for many years and believe the team there are among the best in the business. “We believe they are the top studio in the city and the design work they do is as good as work done anywhere.” Concrete is also doing the design work for the magazine’s October issue while the art director is away on leave.

Other significant changes to the look of the magazine include strengthening the reader connection and changing how it interacts with the audience, says Rodger. “We tried to open up more points of entry to the magazine, working with the way readers interact with the magazine,” she says. “They aren’t necessarily starting a story and reading all the way through, they dip in and out. Our approach was meant to facilitate that and make it easier so there is a longer amount of time for them to interact, pick up the main points and come back later.”

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