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11 August 2010,     VANCOUVER
Western Magazine Awards finalists announced
The finalists for the 2010 Western Magazine Awards have been announced. Notably absent from the awards are the Best New Magazine and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Best New Magazine has been left out because judges felt none of the entries merited inclusion, according to a WMA release. As for the Lifetime Achievement Award, criteria for nominations is being reviewed in order to revamp the application form in time for next years awards. The release says the WMA Board recognizes there are several candidates worthy of nomination and the decision  to not offer the award this year is not a reflection on them.

The 2010 Western Magazine Awards will be handed out October 15 at Vancouver's Century Hotel and Spa. The Awards are preceded by a day of industry seminars at Magazines West. Stay with Masthead for details as the date approaches.

Here is a complete list of the finalists for the 2010 Western Magazine Awards:


Trade Magazine of the Year
Alberta Oil
CGA Magazine

Consumer Magazine of the Year:

This award is given out by Province from which Best in Show is named.


Alberta Venture
Up Here Business
Up Here
British Columbia Magazine
Vancouver Magazine
Western Living

The Beaver
Border Crossings
Prairie Fire

Grain Magazine

Arts, Culture, and Entertainment
Chris Turner, Prodigal Band, AlbertaViews
Geo Takach, Mythologized and Misunderstood, AlbertaViews
Kim Gray, Magic Hour, AlbertaViews
Michael Harris, Still Life, Vancouver Magazine
Timothy Taylor, Foodville: Part One, Vancouver Review
Jennifer Cockrall- King, Retail Therapy, Alberta Venture
Gary Mason, Never Say Quit, BCBusiness
Tyee Bridge, Managed to Fail, BCBusiness
Michael Ganley, Sky Wars, Up Here Business
Dee Hon, Mr. Lonelyhearts, Vancouver Magazine
Chris Turner, Kill (Your) Bill, AlbertaViews
Andrew Nikifouk, Out of Sight, Avenue
Tyee Bridge, The New Ruralism, Swerve
James Glave, Green Light, Vancouver Magazine
James Glave, Rees’s Thesis, Vancouver Magazine
Andrew MacDonald, Eat Fist!, Event
Ben Lof, When in the Field with Her at His Back, The Malahat Review
Bill Gaston, Petterick, The Malahat Review
Stephen Gauer, Hold Me Now, Prairie Fire
Laura Boudreau, The Dead Dad Game, Prism International
Human Experience
Lindsay Cuff, On Atrocity and Grace: A Contrapuntal Vision, The Malahat Review
Jane Wells, Waking in the Valley of the Shadow, Prairie Fire
Laurie Block, God of the Father, Prairie Fire
Steve Burgess, Dance Me to the End of Love, Swerve
Steve Burgess, Tales from Riverheights Terrace, Swerve

Jeremy Klaszus, Mr. Tree,AlbertaViews
Carolynn Semeniuk, Christina’s World, Swerve
Tim Querengesser, Looking for Leona, Up Here
Charles Campbell,Stand & Deliver, Vancouver Magazine
James Glave,Rees’s Thesis, Vancouver Magazine
Michael Harris, The Master of Shangri-La, Vancouver Magazine
Public Issues

Richard Littlemore,Up in the Air, BCBusiness
Cynthia Cushing, Married to the Job, Swerve
Daniel Wood, The Boy Who Wasn’t There, Vancouver Magazine
Paul Webster,Fixed, Vancouver Magazine
Trevor Boddy,Vision Deficit, Vancouver Review
Regular Column or Department

Robert Enright, Column, Border Crossings
Daniel Francis, Opinion, Geist
Stephen Osborne, Notes & Dispatches, Geist
Frances Bula, Urban Fix, Vancouver Magazine
Timothy Taylor, Foodville, Vancouver Review
Science, Technology, and Medicine
Jeff Gailus, The Upside of Underground,Alberta Venture
Erik Froese, The Memory Maker, Swerve
Katharine Sandiford, The Man in the Ice, Up Here
Daniel Wood, The Boy Who Wasn’t There, Vancouver Magazine
Paul Webster, Fixed, Vancouver Magazine
Carol Harrington, Selling Out, Avenue
Julie McLaughlin & Staff, The Best Time To, Swerve
Ruth Myles, Richard White, Shelley Arnusch, Jacquie Moore, Shelley Youngblut, Tara Kruger, Danae Thompson & Tom Bagley, The Inside/Outsider’s Guide to Calgary, Swerve
Various, The Restaurant Awards 2009, Vancouver Magazine
James Glave, Jim Sutherland and The Editors,The New Austerity, Vancouver Magazine
Student Writing
Katie Turner, Under the Ink: Jason Van Rassel, Profiles West
Richard Saad, Harry Nibourg, Profiles West
Kerianne Sproule, Terri & Me, Swerve
Mette Bach, Lessons in English, Vancouver Review
Travel and Leisure
Katharine Sandiford, The Wild Quest, Up Here
Terry Glavin, Taqunya, Vancouver Review
Timothy Taylor, Foodville: Part One, Vancouver Review
Daniel Wood, When the Gods Were Blind, Westworld
Jim Sutherland, My Bonnie Game, Westworld                   

 Gold Award Best Article - Alberta/NWT
Chris Turner, Prodigal Band, AlbertaViews
Jeremy Klaszus, Mr. Tree, AlbertaViews
Andrew Nikifouk, Out of Sight, Avenue
Chris Koentges & George Webber, The Archeology of Calgary, Swerve
Karen Hines, My Little House of Horrors, Swerve
Gold Award Best Article - BC/Yukon

Gary Mason, Never Say Quit, BCBusiness
Jim Sutherland, Lights Out, BCBusiness
Tyee Bridge, Managed to Fail, BCBusiness
Lee Henderson, Our Lady of the Zombies: The Art of Aurel Schmidt, Border Crossings
Frances Bula, The Ecstasy of Paul Haden, Vancouver Magazine
Timothy Taylor, Foodville: Part One, Vancouver Review
Trevor Boddy, Vision Deficit, Vancouver Review
Gold Award Best Article - Manitoba
Mark Reid, Valour Sold, The Beaver
Meeka Walsh, Natalka Husar: The Implication of Painting, Border Crossings
Laurie Block, God of the Father, Prairie Fire
Laurie Block, Buenos Aires Cats, Prairie Fire
Mary Horodyski, The Geography of Ambiguity, Prairie Fire
Gold Award Best Article - Saskatchewan
Tyler Hopson, Room for a Cue, Western Living
Darrell Noakes, It’s a Gasp, Gasp, Gasp, Westworld
John Campbell, Getting Their Kicks, Westworld

 Best Art Direction Article

Danae Thompson, You’re Invited, Swerve
Robert Biron, Surf & the City, up! Magazine
Randall Watson, Glory Days, Vancouver Magazine
Randall Watson, Cookie Monsters, Western Living
Randall Watson, Designers of the Year, Western Living
Best Art Direction Cover
Catherine Mullaly, May Cover, BCBusiness
Catherine Mullaly, July Cover, BCBusiness
Micah Lexier, Joe Grande & Mike Carroll, Vol 28 No 4 Issue 112, Border Crossings
John Pekelsky, Sky Wars, Up Here Business
Randall Watson, October 2009,Vancouver Magazine
Best Illustration or Illustration Feature
Byron Eggenschwiler, Tales from Riverheights Terrace, Swerve
Roxanna Bikadoroff, The Disability Tightrope, Swerve
Chad VanGaalen, A Concrete Dreamer’s Guide to Calgary, up! Magazine
Roger Xavier, Menu a Mano,up! Magazine
Sonny Assu, iHamatsa Rising, Vancouver Review
Best Photograph Architectural, Landscape, or Still Life

Brent Mykytyshyn, By Their Own Hand, Avenue
James May, Flowers Frozen in Time, Swerve
Marc Rimmer, Storm Sewer, Swerve
Mark Mushet, Rattle & Hum, Vancouver Review
Clinton Hussey, The Real Deal, Western Living
Best Photographic Feature or Series
George Webber, Magic Hour, AlbertaViews
Gregory Crow, Natural Wonders, BCBusiness
Venturi + Karpa, Saving Skid Row, The Beaver
George Webber, Closing Time, Swerve
George Webber, Going Down the Road, Swerve
Lean Hennel, You’re Invited,Swerve
Best Photograph - People and Portraiture
Colin Way, Sheldon Popiel, Avenue
Venturi + Karpa, Saving Skid Row, The Beaver
Gregory Crow, Rees’s Thesis, Vancouver Magazine
Gregory Crow, Stand & Deliver, Vancouver Magazine
Mark Mushet, Chris Jensen/Velo-City, Vancouver Review

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