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7 June 2010,     TORONTO
Up Here snags top prize at National Magazine Awards
The 33rd annual National Magazine Awards were held on Friday June 5 by the National Magazine Awards Foundation, marking the end of MagNet. This year’s awards show, which was MC'd by Maclean’s columnist and former chief speechwriter to the Rt. Honourable Paul Martin Scott Feschuk saw The Walrus take home the most prizes and Yellowknife-based Up Here magazine win the award for Best Magazine.

Up Here publisher Marion Lavigne accepting the NMA for Magazine of the Year
Up Here publisher Marion Lavigne accepting the NMA for Magazine of the Year

Winning nine awards, including Best Single Issue for October 2009 The Walrus grabbed the lion’s share of the awards, which were held at The Carlu in Toronto.

Taking home this year’s award for Best Magazine was Up Here. The judges described the magazine as “solid and accomplished, Up Here has real personality and shows a strong editorial hand. The degree of difficulty in finding the human and other resources to publish, print and distribute from the north only adds to the measure of the accomplishment here. It is distinctive, fresh and unpredictable with engaging and accessible content that crosses both the disciplinary and geographical boundaries. Its commitment and passion are very evident – and contagious.”

Also honoured during the ceremony was Magazines Canada chair and Quarto Communications general manager Terry Sellwood, who was awarded The Foundation

Terry Sellwood was awarded with The Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement
Terry Sellwood accepting  The Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement

Award for Outstanding Achievement. Quarto Communications president Al Zikovitz said when nominating Sellwood for the award that “no conversation about magazine publishing and its future is complete without Terry’s name arising.” Sellwood has worked with,  or for most of Canada’s major publishing companies and has held positions as chair for the Circulation Management Association of Canada, and the National Magazine Awards Foundation. Sellwood thanked the NMAF for the award and in true form thanked those he had worked with, saying “it takes many minds to make great magazines.”

The 33rd annual NMAs also saw the addition of several online award categories. Website of the Year went to, and Canadian Geographic took home two online awards for Best Community Feature and Best Cross-Platform Package.

Here is a complete list of the winners of the 33rd annual National Magazine Awards. For more information on the awards or the National Magazine Awards Foundation, visit For the Masthead gallery from the night, follow this link.

Online categories:

Best Community Feature:
Gold: Graham Lanktree, Anna Serra, Paul Politis, Gilles Gagnier, 
Michela Rosano 
Photo Club  
Canadian Geographic  

Best Cross Platform Package:
Gold: Graham Lanktree, Anna Serrao, Paul Politis, 
Dan Rubinstein, Mathew Klie‐Crib  
Return of the Ferret In Depth  
Canadian Geographic  

Silver: Torontoist staff 
Tamils Take to the Gardiner    

Best Visual Design:
Gold: Stéphane Maestro, Maxime Jutras  

Gold: Philippe Lamarre, Louis‐Pierre Chouinard, Olivier Valiquette  

Best Repurposed or Adapted Content:
Gold: Matthew Fox, staff and contributors  
Real Estate Guide  
Toronto Life  

Silver: Bryan Borzykowski, Samson Okalow, Philip Schrauwers, 
Ankur Jain, Ian McGugan, Rob Gerlsbeck, Phil Froats, 
Greg Enright, Marc Reppin 
Canada's Best Places to Live  

Best Web-Only Content
Gold: Matthew Fox, staff and contributors  
Toronto Life  

Silver: Craille Maguire Gillies, Gunnar Blodgett, Joyce Byrne, 
Stephanie Chan, Gabe Wong  
unlimited's Interactive Advent Calendar  

Website of the Year:
Winner - Kelly Caldwell, Drew Gordon, Alison Preiss  
Dogs in Canada  

Print categories:

Magazine of the Year:
Up Here Magazine

Best new Magazine Writer:
Danielle Groen
This is your Brain on Love

Best new Visual Creator:
Byron Eggenschwiler
Tales from the Riverheights Terrace

Words & Pictures:
Gold: Jacques Doyon, atelier Louis-Charles Lasnier, Sylvain Campeau, Yang Yi
Uprooted, Memories of a Chinese Dream
Ciel Variable

Silver: Brian Payton, Suzanne Morin, Eric Harris, John E. Marriot
The Wild Life
Canadian Geographic

Portrait Photography:
Gold: Gregory Crow
Stand & Deliver
Vancouver Magazine

Silver: Clay Stang
The Man Who Built Toronto
Report on Business

Gold: Geoff Powter
The Unstoppable Lena Rowat

Grant Robertson
Jim Shaw’s Cowboy Act
Report on Business

Personal Journalism:

Gold: Lynn Cunningham
Cause and Effect
The Walrus

Arts & Entertainment:
Gold: Katrina Onstad
The Jesus Show
Toronto Life

Silver: Tyee Bridge
The Enchantment of Slow Stories

Fashion and Beauty:
Gold: Elizabeth Cabral, Tanya Watt, Chris Nicholls
Into the Wild

Silver: George Antonopoulos, Antony Smith, Gabor Jurina
Colour Theory
FASHION Magazine

Best Short Feature:
Gold:  Elizabeth Hay
City as Redhead
New Quarterly

Silver: Lynn Crosbie
Lights Out
FASHION Magazines Canada

Silver: Ken MacQueen
I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry

Service: Personal Finance and Business:
Gold: Jim McElgunn
Selling your Baby

Silver: Rob Gerlsbeck
A Broken Promise

Gold: Ken Bailey, Craig Blackie, Alan Davy, Gord Deval, Aaron Kylie, Jake MacDonald, Jim McLennan, Wayne Phillips, Gord Pyzer, Mark Raycroft, T.J. Schwanky, Bob Sexton, Ryan Shervil, Judy Wearing, Patrick Walsh
Ultimate Skills Guide
Outdoor Canada

Silver: Jean-Benoit Nadeau
L’hiver 6 maniéres

Still-life Photography:
Gold: Peter Ash Lee
From All Different Walks of Life
Corduroy Magazines Canada

Silver: Stacey Brandford
Fare to Remember

One of a Kind:
Gold: Jeremy Klaszus
Mr. Tree

Silver: Chris Koentges
The Archeology of Calgary

Art Direction for a Single Magazine Article:
Gold: Reanna Evoy
Big Apple Turnover

Science: Technology & the Environment

Gold: Matthew McClearn
Sh*t Happens but You Move On

Silver: Noémi Mercier
Économie: Les lecons des animaux
Québec Science

Health & Medicine:
Gold: Stéphanie Verge
Toronto Life

Silver: Lynn Cunningham
Cause and Effect
The Walrus

Spot Illustration:
Gold: Lauchie Reid
An Arboreal History According to the Guild of St. Luke
The Walrus

Silver: Gérard Dubois
Profiter des religions sans les sermons

Silver: Graham Roumieu
Let’s Get it On
THIS magazine

Gold: Marion Quednau  
Paradise, Later Years  
Malahat Review  

Silver: P.K. Page  
Cullen in Old Age  
Malahat Review  

Magazine Covers:
Gold : Domenic Macri  
Julie Dickson                                                   
Report on Business     
Silver: Underline Studio  
Archival Legacies                
Prefix Photo     

Photojournalism & Photo Essay:   
Gold: George Webber  
Closing Time  
Silver: David Campion, Sandra Shields  
Memory and the Valley  

Gold: Derek DeCloet  
Robert Milton Has a Lot of Baggage  
Report on Business  
Silver: Sinclair Stewart  
The Governor Gets His Hands Dirty  
Report on Business  

Service: Lifestyle: 
Gold: Catherine Dubé  
Vive le mangeur libre!  
Québec Science  
Silver: Ryan Stuart  
The Best of Our Parks  

Humour : 
Gold: Pasha Malla  
A Film for Would‐be Immigrants  
The Walrus  
Silver: Jonathan Goldstein  
Party of One in Puerto Rico  

Gold: Timothy Taylor  
Walking the Way  
The Walrus  
Silver: J.B. MacKinnon  
Poolside in Hell  
Homes & Gardens : 
Gold: Michael Graydon, Maarten Sluyter  
Top Cloth  
Canadian House & Home  
Silver: Stacey Brandford, Susan Rogers, Melissa Geurts  
Sarah’s Cottage  
Style at Home  

Sports & Recreation  
Gold: Rich Poplak  
Cycle of Life  
Silver: Jay Teitel  
Into the Heart of T.O.  
Best Single Issue : 
Gold: John Macfarlane, Brian Morgan  
October 2009  
The Walrus  
Silver: Sarah Fulford, Jessica Rose  
February 2009  
Toronto Life  
Service: Health & Family:  
Gold: Ray Ford  
The Big, Bad Chill  
Cottage Life  
Silver: Catherine Dubé  
Grippe A (H1N1): Tout savoir – Comment se protéger  
Québec Science  
Gold: Steven Heighton  
Shared Room on Union  
Silver: Adam Lindsay Honsinger  
Investigative Reporting 
Gold: Carol Shaben  
Fly at Your Own Risk  
The Walrus  
Silver: Chris Nuttall‐Smith  
The Land of the Rich and Infamous  
Toronto Life  
Gold: Deborah Campbell  
The Most Hated Name in News  
The Walrus  
Silver: Karsten Heuer  
The Big Squeeze  
Essays :
Gold: Chris Turner  
The Age of Breathing Underwater  
The Walrus  
Silver: Tyee Bridge  
The Enchantment of Slow Stories  
Gold: Roxanna Bikadoroff  
Floating Like the Dead  
Vancouver Review  
Silver: Leif Parsons  
Are We Safe Yet?  
The Walrus  
Politics & Public Interest  
Gold: Chris Turner  
An Inconvenient Talk  
The Walrus  
Silver: Carol Shaben  
Fly at Your Own Risk  
The Walrus  
Single Service Article Package 
Gold: Ryan Stuart, James Little, Mike Zikovitz, Gary Davidson, Jason Schneider  
The Summer List  
Silver: Penny Caldwell, Kim Zagar  
Captain Cottager  
Cottage Life   
Gold: Dave Bidini  
Travels in Narnia; Mongolian Invasions; The Great Comeback  
Silver: Jean‐François Lisée  
Guerre et paix? et sexe; L'étrange cas de Nicolas Sarkozy; Revenez! Ils sont devenus fous?  
Editorial Package: 

Gold: Charles Grandmont  
Cap sur le Pacifique  
Silver: Katherine Ashenburg, Randy Boyagoda, Chris Bucci, Andrea Curtis, 
Rachel Giese, Gerald Hannon, Kathryn Hayward, Rachel Heinrichs, 
Karon Liu, David Macfarlane, Pasha Malla, Jason McBride, Chris Nuttall Smith, 
Kelly Pullen, Mark Pupo, Alec Scott, Courtney Shea, 
Graham Silnicki, Heidi Sopinka, 
Adam Sternbergh, Stéphanie Verge  
50 Reasons to Love Toronto Right Now  
Toronto Life  
Art Direction for an Entire Issue:  

Gold: Janine Vangool  
Issue 1 ‐ Spring 09 
Silver: Anna Minzhulina  
Issue 34 ‐ Winter 2009  

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