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6 August 2009,     OTTAWA
DCH won't budge on CPF circ threshold
Despite a determined lobbying effort by the small and literary magazine community, magazines with annual paid circulation less than 5,000 will not receive any funding from the Canada Periodical Fund, minister James Moore has confirmed.

Moore recently sent out a letter, posted in part by Rosalynn Tyo, managing editor of The New Quarterly, which states:
The CPF will support a broad range of periodicals, but it will no longer offer support to titles that sell fewer than 5000 copies total per year, or specialized support for arts and literary magazines, including those that sell fewer than 5000 copies a year. A recent evaluation of our existing programs found that specialized funding for arts and literary magazines currently offered by the Department was duplicating the funding offered by the Canada Council…I trust that this information is useful.
The news is bound to disappoint the 4,139 members of the Coalition to Keep Federal Support of Literary, Scholarly and Arts Magazines, a Facebook group created soon after details of the new CPF funding formula emerged.

Blogger, consultant and teacher D. B. Scott criticized the DCH decision on the Canadian Magazines blog:
It should have been possible to transfer over the SALM (support for art and literary magazine) portion of the old CMF to the Canada Council at the very least. What Canadian Heritage fails to recognize or acknowledge is that, by this arbitrary (and it is an arbitrary threshold) action, what was formerly the postal subsidy is being taken away from the small magazine sector without compensation. It is not being replaced by increased funding to the Canada Council. But it is looking more and more that the ministry doesn't want to be bothered with the facts -- its mind is made up.
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