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8 July 2009,     MONTREAL
An interview with Transcontinental Media's Pierre Marcoux
Under Pierre Marcoux, Transcontinental Media’s recently appointed senior vice president of the business and consumer solutions group, Canada’s largest consumer magazine publisher will fully integrate print and digital operations in its editorial and sales departments. “Right now the magazine and digital solutions groups are two distant groups,” Marcoux told Masthead shortly after his appointment was announced. “At one point we have to bring it under one roof.”

Pierre Marcoux
On the editorial side, this will mean editors and writers producing content for all platforms—print, Web, mobile—under a single editor-in-chief, Marcoux said. In sales, integration means ad reps will be “able to present fully unified projects that comprise both paper and Web and sometimes event and conference,” Marcoux said.

Transcontinental’s b-to-b division—headed by Marcoux since 2006—has already made this transition, while some brands in the consumer division have also begun moving in this direction.

Marcoux says he intends to continue “pushing forward” with the “multi-platform vision” laid out by his predecessor John Clinton, who is now Transcontinental's senior VP of new media and digital solutions. “I think what we’ve started to do is pretty good,” Marcoux said. “We just need to push on further. I think the strength we have is that we’re serving defined communities of interest. We know who they are and out of that we can better serve them with new products and services going forward.”

Marcoux returned to the word “efficiencies” often during the conversation, saying the company will look to keep costs low in every area.

On the future of magazines, Marcoux, a father of three and the son of Transcontinental Inc.’s executive board chair and founder Rémi Marcoux, didn’t pretend to have any crystal ball solutions. “I‘m not sure anybody knows,” he said. “Five years down the road it’s going to be very different. I think paper will still be a good part of the mix. Magazines have very strong advantages. Segmentation of its audience is one, we are practical in that we’re able to give people tools and insights into their needs and aspirations, or their likes, We’re also able to provide them with some dreaming and aspirations. I think in that regard magazines are well positioned to grow.”
— M.U.
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