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23 June 2009,     VANCOUVER
Photo gallery: Western Magazine Awards 2009
The best of the west came together last Friday for the 2009 Western Magazine Awards gala at the Renaissance Vancover Hotel Harbourside and Masthead stringer Aaron Leaf was there to capture all the action in digital photo form.

Brennan Higginbotham (assistant art director, Western Living), Tara Schmidt (assistant editor, Vancouver Magazine), Michael Harris (arts editor, Vancouver Magazine), and Christine McAvoy (photographer).

Breanna Watson, John Burns (executive editor, Vancouver Magazine), Joyce Watson, Niki Walton, and Charles Campbell (Georgia Straight).

Joseph Montague, Barbara Stowe (contributor, Vancouver Review), Mark Mushot (creative director, Vancouver Review), and Gudrun Will (editor, Vancouver Review).

Clinton Hussey (photographer), Sheila Hanson, Janet Gyenes (Canada Wide Media), and Anya Lewis.

Buffy Cram (contributor, Prairie Fire) and Arno Kopecky (freelance writer).

Paul Holden, Renato Casello, and Shane Sokoliuk from Transcontinental Inc.

Martin Tessler (photographer) and Murray Bancroft (food stylist).

Daniel Wood* (writer), James Glave (writer), and Stephanie Johnson.

Roberta Staley (writer, Georgia Straight) and Gary Ross (editor, Vancouver Magazine).

Chris Cannon* (contributing editor, Vancouver Magazine), Mary Awesom, Masa Takei (freelance writer), and Eric Rumble (senior editor, Up!).

Anu Sahota (CBC), Lee Henderson (writer, Border Crossing's Vancouver bureau chief), Jill Margo (writer), and Andrew Templeton (writer).

Anicka Quin (managing editor Western Living and BCAMP Volunteer of the Year), Malwina Gudowska (writer), and Meghen Ng (former Western Living intern, now in PR).

Stephen Osborne (publisher, Geist), Sandra Shields (writer), Daniel Francis (writer/historian), Mary Schendlinger (senior editor, Geist), Quita Francis, Ross Merriam (web architect, Geist).

Gaetano Fasciana* (photographer) and David Fierro (photographer).

Frances Patry (Canada Magazine Fund), Sean Popal, and Greg Karais.

Evan Osenton (associate editor, Albertaviews) and Steve Arthur (art director, Albertaviews).

Phil Chin (photographer), Sheryl English (Vancouver Magazine), Shari Hughes, and Darren Roberts (executive director, Pique Newsmagazine).
— Photos By Aaron Leaf
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