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11 June 2009,     SOUTHBOROUGH, MA
So who actually reads digital editions?
People who read digital editions like them because they're environmentally friendly, easy to save and easy to search, according to a new, BPA Worldwide-certified survey from Texterity, Inc., one of the leading digital edition companies in North America.

Digital edition readers also like the fact that onscreen version of magazines are “more convenient than print” and “more timely than print," the survey said.

The survey polled 33,784 respondents representing 164 publications and 55 publishers of consumer, trade, professional, and association publications. The readers surveyed represented a mix of one-third consumer publication readers and two-thirds business readers.

Other points of interest:
  • The median age of the digital edition reader in the survey is 41.6 years old, and the median business reader has over 13 years of industry experience.
  • Most people still use desktop (74%) or laptop (63%) computers to read digital editions, but 25% of survey respondents said they want access on smart phones (i.e. Blackberry, iPhone).
  • Over half of those surveyed said they visit an advertiser's website because of the digital edition.
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