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23 April 2009,     TORONTO
Ad sales troops being rounded to support NMA category
Brian Stendel, president of Keystone Media Inc., is appealing for donations from the ad sales communities in the hopes of collecting enough money to sponsor a category at this year's National Magazine Awards on behalf of the industry's ad reps.

Kim Pittaway has already earned enough donations to sponsor a category on behalf of Canada's Magazine Creators, as has D. B. Scott, who led a donation drive on behalf of past NMAF presidents.

Stendel's message, in full:
Maybe we ad reps are the black sheep of the industry who rarely rate a mention at the National Magazine Awards. Still, we don't let that stop us from attending and supporting the editorial people. Right?!
Kidding aside, the National Magazine Awards could use our help right now. I'm inviting the magazine reps of Canada to toss a little cash in the hat for the cause. It's tax deductible and frankly we can use the brownie points.
The goal is $1,500 and when we reach it, a 2009 National Magazine Award will be sponsored by the Magazine Advertising Representatives of Canada. I've gotten the ball rolling with the first $100 so we are already 6.7% to budget. All donations are welcome and $20 or more gets you a tax receipt. Sure commissions are down in this depression but brother, we can spare a dime, can't we?
Please email me brian[at] what you would like to contribute and I will pass your contact information on to the NMAF office who will follow up with you. For a running total, check my Twitter (
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Jaded says:
Wow, Torstar really seems to be on a mission to bankrupt one magazine after another....
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Marty Seto says:
Make Sure you Enter the COPAs this year. We have a FREE Covid-19 News category that is free to enter...
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