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26 September 2008,     TORONTO
Pharmacy Post becomes Drugstore Canada
Drugstore Canada, formerly Pharmacy Post, was founded in 1993.

Like many businesses, pharmacies have been radically transformed over the last decade or so: Demand for natural health products is at an all-time high, drugstore retailers have invested in front shop expansion and specialty/boutique departments are more common than ever. To reflect these changes, the team at Pharmacy Post decided a full-scale redesign was in order. The September issue of the magazine, published by Rogers Publishing Ltd., features a new look, a new standard size and format, new editorial sections and a new name—Drugstore Canada.

The process began with a reader survey in January. “We realized there was a change happening,” says editor Vicki Wood, “and our survey confirmed that.” Using the survey results as a guide, Pharmacy Post staff consulted with the magazine’s advisory board and internally to complete the massive project. “It was intense,” Wood says.

The monthly magazine is now divided into four sections: “Self Care and Wellness,” “Health and Beauty” “Mind Your Business” and “Frontshop Focus.” There’s more in-depth analysis of issues and “more info on how to grow business,” publisher Jackie Quemby says. The switch to standard format was made because readers said they’d be more likely to hold on to a normal-sized magazine rather than a tabloid, Wood says.

The 84-page relaunch debut went out to the magazine’s list of  about 16,500 readers, mostly pharmacists and business owners.

— M.U.
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