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28 August 2008,     BRAMPTON, ONT.
Mother launches mag to get kids "off the couch and away from their PlayStation"
An alternative to video games for kids in the Peel region surrounding Toronto.

When Sharon Foster moved back to Canada from Florida last year, she was surprised to find that no one had established a magazine for kids in the Peel region surrounding Toronto, a void she had previously filled in 1995 when she started Kidstuff for 6-to-12 year olds in Mississauga and Brampton. Upon her return, Foster, along with sales manager Cathy Healy, set about creating Kidzine, an activity magazine for the same young audience, set to premiere next month with a circulation of 20,000.

The standard-sized magazine “will be full of puzzles, games, places to go, things to do, things to get ‘em off the couch and away from their PlayStation,” says Foster. “There will be some articles, such as [one by] a physician who will be talking about PlayStation and skateboarding injuries. But mostly it’s sudoku, crosswords, things to keep their brain working.”

Kidzine will be printed in Weston, Ont. ten times a year on bright white newsstock so that “kids can write all over it," Foster says. About 90% of copies will be distributed directly through schools; the other 10% will go out through retail and advertisers.

The goal of Kidzine is to educate children, to provide them with activities and to get them involved and out in the community. “It’s very similar to the old magazine. Originally, my kids were that age and there were no outlets,” says Foster. “Then my kids grew up and we went to Florida for a while.”

A one time, full page, color ad is $1,199.

— Iqra Azhar
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