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22 July 2008,     TORONTO
Canadian Living launches "bookazine" about healthy eating
The bookazine's cover is on 8 point card while the inside pages are on 70 lb #3 sheets.

As Masthead columnist Scott Bullock illustrates in his latest "Circ Matters" column (July/August 2008, mailing this week), special interest publications are a great way to extend your brand and cash in on the newsstand. The folks at Canadian Living are no strangers to SIPs but their newest one-off, Canadian Living Eat Right: Your Guide to Good Health, which hits newsstands July 28, has a unique marketing spin: Labelled a “bookazine,” the Eat Right guide “is a hybrid between a magazine and a book and has a significantly longer shelf life than the average magazine.”

About 90,000 copies of the 120 124-page publication will be sold nationally on newsstands (not on bookshelves, since there’s a bipad number on each issue) for $11.99.  The glossy 7” x 9.25” “bookazine” carries just two ads inside the front  (Minute Maid) and back (McDonald's) covers.

Each of Eat Right’s seven chapters (save for the first, which debunks nutrition myths) focuses on specific areas of the body (brain, gut, heart, skin and bones, metabolism and immune system), with over 150 of those famous Canadian Living recipes provided within.

“In the last couple of years, we’re getting more and more requests for health information from our readers,” says Canadian Living food editor Gabrielle Bright. “Not from the celiac or diabetic consultant, but from friends, aunts, mothers, sisters who are looking for help on how to prepare food. So it’s a combination of really practical information and recipes, that ties into this more distilled and easy-to-understand health information.”

Oh, and in case you were wondering, these nutrition myths are all untrue, according to Eat Right:

  • Red meat is bad for your health
  • Skipping meals can help lose weight
  • Eating for two is necessary during pregnancy
  • Avoid nuts as they are fattening
  • Avoid carbohydrates to lose weight
  • Avoid seafood to lower cholesterol
— M.U.
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