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15 January 2008,     MISSISSAUGA
Masthead names Canada�s 20 most influential magazines of all time

Reader’s Digest is Canada’s most influential magazine of all time, according to a list published in the Jan/Feb 2008 issue of Masthead magazine. “When the idea of placing American-born Reader’s Digest in the top spot was introduced, we knew we were entering controversial territory,” writes Masthead editor Marco Ursi. “We also knew there was no turning back.”

Reader's Digest is Canada's most influential magazine of all time, according to our panel of industry experts.

While noting RD’s high circulation, innovative direct-marketing, and general popularity, the panel gave the magazine the top spot because of its influence on Bill C-58, a 1975 law protecting Canadian magazines from foreign competition. Before C-58, RD and Time Canada were American “split-run” titles sopping up Canadian advertising, leaving the domestic market in disarray. Once the bill passed, however, “RD opted to join the [Canadian] conversation rather than pack up and return south” which “makes it worthy of the top spot.” RD has since become a fully-fledged Canadian title.

The entire list is as follows:

1. Reader’s Digest
2. Chatelaine
3. Maclean’s
4. Saturday Night
5. L’Actualité
6. Weekend
7. Cité Libre
8. Toronto Life
9. Vice
10. Canadian Business
11. Homemakers
12. Canadian Grocer
13. Alberta Report
14. Owl & Chickadee
15. This Magazine
16. The Tamarack Review
17. The Body Politic
18. Grip
19. Flare
20. The Walrus 

The final selections were made by five industry experts: former Quest and Toronto Life managing editor and Ryerson instructor Lynn Cunningham; freelance writer and media columnist David Hayes; former Marketing editor Stan Sutter; former Maclean’s art director and National Magazine Awards chair Donna Braggins; and Masthead publisher and founding editor Doug Bennet. Over 71 magazines were nominated by Masthead readers through an online discussion forum.

That forum has now been re-opened for post-list debate. The issue has just been to mailed to subscribers and will be availble on select newsstands next week.

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