Thursday, September 06, 2012
Reading List

Freelance writers and editors, September is a great time to refresh your business. Here’s a handy to-do list from WordCount’s Michelle Rafter.

Laura Spencer covers “10 Marks of a Self-Disciplined Freelancer” for Freelance Folder. This is sound advice for writers at all career stages. Don’t learn #8 the hard way (like I did).

Some editors are actually giddy when the Chicago Manual of Style website adds content to its Q&A section. Browse the archives and sign up for free Q&A Alerts.

The sleuths at have a methodical approach to factchecking new words—read their two-part explanation. Also check out the “What’s new” page of Oxford Dictionaries Online. Those of you who copy edit fashion mags may be gratified to hear that “bandage dress,” “boy shorts,” “shootie,” “hobo bag” and “jeggings” are recent additions. Beauty editors, don’t feel left out—“mani-pedi” also made the cut. (Sign up for the newsletter to catch all the lexicographic action.)

Word geeks will enjoy the musings of John E. McIntyre, self-described “modern prescriptivist” and a Baltimore Sun editor. In his blog, You Don’t Say, he picks apart obscure words and offers candid advice, such as last week’s reminder to writers: “Your copy editor is going to read your text more closely and carefully than anyone else. And ‘anyone else’ includes your editor, your subject, and your mother.”

- Jaclyn Law
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