Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Going down under

I’ll be traveling in Australia for 16 days beginning tomorrow. Filling in at the news desk while I work on my knifey-spoony skills will be Jon Kennedy, an eager and talented graduate of the print journalism program at Sheridan College.

There’s a file of starts, stops and changes stories waiting for Jon when he arrives here Monday morning and I’m sure there will be plenty of live action for him to cover over the next couple of weeks. Of course, Corinna, Kat and Stacey will continue to offer their expert opinions, wisdom and tips while I’m away. And you can do your part by keeping those reader comments flowing—they’ve become such an integral and important part of the MastheadOnline brand.

While I have the opportunity, I’d thank all of you for reading. Masthead’s transition to an online magazine has gone exceptionally well so far and we hope to continue improving and expanding our coverage of this small but mighty industry over the coming months.
- Marco Ursi
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