Friday, March 20, 2009
"What I am building is a true community...actually more like a cult"
So says Concrete Wave publisher Michael Brooke in an extended interview from, a website with a section dedicated to independent magazine publishing. Brooke, who moderated an independent publishing forum for MastheadOnline last year, is also writing a series on surviving as an independent publisher in hard economic times for the site that's definitely worth a look, especially if you're one of the many magaziners flying solo.

Michael Brooke with Concrete Wave mascot Spike.
Michael Brooke is a True Believer in the medium of magazines, the kind of guy who talks about "the power of print" with the evangelical zeal of a Southern preacher while brimming with enthusiastic about the brand-building opportunities the Web offers. He's also a damn hard worker (handling all Concrete Wave subscription inquires himself, for example) and a relentless a self-promoter (I got the link to PublishingCentral from an e-mail Brooke sent to fellow members of the Independent Publishers Association of Ontario).

Brooke would be the first to admit that his publishing philosophies aren't for everyone, but no can deny the passion and dedication he brings to Concrete Wave. As long as there are guys like him around, magazines have a bright future.  
- Marco Ursi
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