Friday, February 27, 2009
What's the best/strangest contra deal you've ever made?
To be honest, I didn’t realize contra advertising existed until I started working at Masthead.

For those who still don’t know, contra essentially refers to a deal where ad space is exchanged for a good or service, rather than actual money. The goods and services can range anywhere from employee incentives (a BBQ for the year’s top salesperson, for example) to things that actually lower the publisher’s cost of doing business (office furniture, perhaps).
I still find the whole thing kind of weird and funny and amazing and would love to hear from publishers or salespeople about the best or strangest contra deal you’ve ever made or heard about. (There are, of course, horror stories about contra deals that have ruined magazines but let’s keep it positive this time around.) Use the comments function below to post your story. Best entry wins free copies of two EPs by Recordbreaker, featuring Marco Ursi (i.e. me) on drums.
- Marco Ursi
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