Monday, February 23, 2009
Going the extra mile to get the job

Remember "the best job in the world" that I posted about – caretaker of Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef? Not only has the competition generated tons of interest and free press for Tourism Queensland, but it's also attracted some creative applications, like this video and blog entry from Vancouverite Marcella Moser.

It's not my taste, but it is completely appropriate for the job to which she's applying. The key is that it's all show, not tell. Marcella has demonstrated that she's capable of writing a blog, producing video and handling the back end by creating a well-designed custom site. The blog also gives a sense of her writing style, interests and personality, and proves that she can come up with a good idea and execute it well.

Now, by no means am I suggesting you all go out and make a video and start a blog for every job you apply to, but think about what would be appropriate. And even if you stick to a simple cover letter and resumé, keep these points in mind:

Show more than tell. In your cover letter, include examples of past situations that demonstrate relevant talents. In your resumé, list accomplishments instead of just duties.

Consider your audience. Include keywords from the job posting and highlight duties and accomplishments most relevant to the position.

Tailor your application to the recipient. Do the above for each job you apply to. Every position is different, so every application should be.
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- Corinna vanGerwen
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