Friday, February 20, 2009
What CBC readers think of the new CPF
Not much, if the 13 comments on this CBC story (in which I am quoted) are any indication.

"Another waste of taxpayer money;" wrote old joe. "If the magazines cannot make it on their own, let them go under. Eventually we will have a few less but they will be self supporting. We purchase the ones we like. 'Our Canada' is an excellent example of a good magazine that requires no support to survive."

"This is so stupid its beyond belief," wrote VotesForCash. "it is nothing more than corporate WELFARE. Nothing in this country is off limits to taxpayers subsidizes, except the citizens."

But perhaps using CBC reader comments as a way of taking Canadians' pulse on an issue isn't the best idea. After all, who the hell knows what this lunatic is talking about:

"Rediculous, utterly madening waste of our money,"  wrote Nutrition Sleuth. "
Cancel the program, fire the staff, and move on to protect taxpayers. The chemical pharmaceutical industry plasters ads (back by their vesions of non0science) all over these publications. Tell me they need this governement subsidy. This is an outrage."

Meanwhile, over at the Globe and Mail, someone called Theodore Street believes he's uncovered the secret government agenda behind the funding: "Anything to relaunch the Alberta Report, or whatever organ they use to disseminate the neocon ravings of Mark Steyn and Ezra etc."

Honestly, these big media companies really need to rethink their free-for-all comment policies.
- Marco Ursi
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