Friday, January 30, 2009
Long live Masthead(Online)

Thanks to everyone who came out to the launch of our final print edition last night at the Squire & Firkin pub in Toronto’s west end. I was going to post some pictures here, but it seems the staff from North Island (Masthead’s parent company) was so busy socializing that no one bothered to take out a camera.

As a couple of others have mentioned, a lot party talk was of the doom-and-gloom variety, particularly if you were chatting with newsstand people, who seem shell-shocked by the wholesaler/publisher nuclear showdown happening in the States. Hard times indeed.

A few tips came my way over the course of the evening, which may soon find their way into our news section. And I also managed to connect with a very smart and opinionated young magaziner, who I hope will be adding her voice to our blogs section early next month. As always, stay tuned. We're still alive and kicking.

- Marco Ursi
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