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April 2000
Langara College lab mag unveils redesign
Vancouver, B.C., 28 April, 2000: A glossy annual produced by Langara College publishing students is set to hit the streets early next month with an entirely new look, including a revamped logo.
The latest edition of 12-year-old Pacific Rim Magazine is slated to come off the presses on May 9.
"Our goal was to present our content in a clean, modern and sophisticated way," says art director Kristine Davidson. "What better time for a redesign than the beginning of a new millennium?"
The Vancouver-based title is produced by students enrolled in Langara's Publishing: Techniques and Technologies Program.
According to program coordinator and Pacific Rim publisher Elizabeth Rains, the magazine examines "societal connections between Canada and Pacific Rim countries."
For the second year, 17,000 copies of the annual publication will be distributed with The Globe & Mail throughout the Vancouver area.
The title's total print run is 18,500.
Contact: 604-323-5430
--Deanna Rosolen

Potential trouble brews over name change
Toronto, Ont., 27 April, 2000: The Publishing House's Computer Reseller News Canada assumed a new identity in mid-April, relaunching with a new look and a new name: ChannelLine.
The change debuted April 17.
Editor Paolo Del Nibletto says the title's new name better reflects changes in the computer reseller industry.
Aside from dealing in high-tech computer hardware, resellers these days are also selling added services and their expertise, he says.
Along with the new name and look, readers will also find new editorial on product and market analyses, e-business and consumer electronics in the 26-times-per-year trade book.
So what do the folks at Rogers Media's Channel Business think of their competitor's name change?
"The only thing that I can say at this point is that due to their name change to ChannelLine or the publication that they are now going to be publishing called ChannelLine, it's being looked at by our lawyers," says publisher Kathryn Swan.
In related news, the Toronto-based publisher has also changed names from The Publishing House to Integrated
The company also dissolved its four-year-old partnership with U.S.-based CMP Media this month.
CMP used to provide editorial content, but from an American perspective, says Del Nibletto.
Officials at CMP did not respond to Masthead Online's requests for an interview.
Contact: 1-800-804-9643
--Deanna Rosolen

Shift loses online editor, gains new ME
Toronto, Ont., 26 April, 2000: Shift's online producer and editor Barnaby Marshall has resigned after differing with parent company Shift Multimedia over proposed changes to the magazine's Internet presence.
"I think the company feels that the Web site needs to go in a different direction," Shift editor Laas Turnbull says of Marshall's departure earlier this month. "They both decided it wasn't a good fit culturally."
With Marshall's resignation, the magazine's Web operations will now be centralized out of New York.
As for the magazine itself, a much sought-after U.S. editor has been brought aboard as managing editor.
In part hired to replace former deputy editor Joanna Pachner (now executive editor at L.A.-based Raygun), Lisa Cindolo will also be expected to focus more on managing the editorial process, hiring staff and acting as a "bridge-builder" between Shift's Toronto and New York offices.
"She has amazing contacts in New York," says Turnbull, noting that Cindolo had "seven job offers from big, big magazines" before choosing to join Shift.
A graduate of Cornell University, Cindolo was most recently the managing editor at Details, where she oversaw 48 staffers and a $19-million budget. Before that she was ME at Time Out in New York.
Meanwhile, the search continues for a replacement for outgoing publisher Andrew Heintzman. According to Turnbull, a recruitment firm has pinpointed five "strong" candidates.

Saturday Night earns most NMA nominations
Toronto, Ont., 18 April, 2000: The usual suspects top the list of nominations for this year's running of the National Magazine Awards, with Saturday Night leading the way with 24 mentions in the visual and written categories.
Also securing significant numbers of nominations were Toronto Life (22), Shift (19), L'actualité (13), enRoute (11), Canadian Geographic (10), Elm Street (9), Report on Business Magazine (8) and Gardening Life (7).
The 23rd annual awards ceremony will be held May 26 at the Toronto Sheraton Centre, with Canadian film maker Don McKellar serving as emcee.
In all, $64,500 in prize money will be awarded.
For a more thorough overview of this year's nominations, see the upcoming June issue of Masthead magazine. (Also see "NMAF press release" in this conference.)

The 2000 nominees are as follows:

Written categories
(in alphabetical order)

One-of-a-Kind sponsored by Wolfson Bell Associates
Shawn Blore, Jim Sutherland, Building Smileyville, Vancouver Magazine
L. Robert Morris, Rise and Fall of the airship empire, Citizen's Weekly
Chris Turner, Flip flops, a desktop & one billion reasons never to leave, Shift Magazine
Michel Vastel, Le secret de Paul Desmarais, L'actualité
Jennifer Wells, Whodunit?, Report on Business Magazine
Paul Willcocks, 2010: An Undersea Odyssey, BC Business

Nancy Fitzgerald Chorley, The China Syndrome, Today's Parent
Peter Foster, The Wealthy Hooker, Toronto Life
Ken Hegan, Marathon of Hop, Vancouver Magazine
Mike Randolph, Ride 'Em Bass Boy, Outdoor Canada
Leslie Smith, L.A. Woman, enRoute
Miriam Toews, Gunthered, Saturday Night

Guy Crittenden, Closed for Business, Report on Business Magazine
Curtis Gillespie, In Rod They Trust, Saturday Night
Naomi Klein, The Real APEC Scandal, Saturday Night
Linda McQuaig, The Limp Whip, Report on Business Magazine

Business sponsored by Ernst & Young
Diane Bérard, Les coulisses du mariage , Revue Commerce, Provigo-Loblaw
Luc Chartrand, Péladeau II, L'actualité
Trevor Cole, Who Loves Ya?, Report on Business Magazine
Madelaine Drohan, Into Africa, Report on Business Magazine
Peter Foster, The money pit, Toronto Life
Paul Kaihla, Mayhem Man, Canadian Business
Anne Mullens, The Sixty-Storey Crisis, BC Business
Albert Nerenberg, Crossed Wires, Saturday Night
Jennifer Wells, Over--and out, Report on Business Magazine

Science & Technology sponsored by Royal Bank
Yan Barcelo, Médicaments: la course à obstacles, Revue Commerce
Nancy Baron, Riders on the Storm, Canadian Geographic
Louise Gendron, Chasseurs de plantètes, L'actualité
Curtis Gillespie, Ground Zero, Saturday Night
Fiona McCaw, Decoding DNA, The Georgia Straight
Anne Mullens, The Sixty-Storey Crisis, BC Business
Ed Struzik, Requiem for a Fossil Forest, Canadian Geographic
Yanick Villedieu, Ceci est mon double, L'actualité

Health & Medicine
Louise Gendron, Vivre jusqu' à 130 ans, L'actualité
Michel Legault, Le médecin et la mort, L'actualité médicale
Alicia Priest, First Call, The Georgia Straight
Mary Rogan, Acts of Faith, Saturday Night
Sarah Scott, Gods & Monsters, Elm Street
Walter Stewart, Fuel Deficiency, Canadian Geographic
Danielle Stanton, Les aliments mutants, L'actualité

Social Affairs sponsored by United Steelworkers of America
Mark Bourrie, The System That Killed Santa, Ottawa City Magazine
Don Gillmor, South Riverdale, Toronto Life
Pascale Millot, Sommes-nous obsédés par la sécurité, Châtelaine
Yan Muckle, Demain le catastrophe, L'actualité
Hal Niedzviecki, Wake Up and Retire, THIS Magazine
Alison Rose, The Science of Heaven, Elm Street
Jay Teitel, The Kidnapping of Play, Saturday Night
Clive Thompson, Why Your Fabulous Job Sucks, Shift Magazine
Clive Thompson, Good Clean Fun?, Shift Magazine

Investigative Reporting
Madelaine Drohan, Into Africa, Report on Business Magazine
Robert Hough, Prisoner of Love, Saturday Night
Paul Kaihla, Mayhem Man, Canadian Business
Jake MacDonald, Joint Ventures, Saturday Night
Jane O'Hara, Trade Secrets, Maclean's
Daniel Wood, Missing, Elm Street

Lee Henderson, Sheep Dub, Grain
Rick Maddocks, Plane People, Prairie Fire
Tim Mitchell, The Cold Outside, Prairie Fire
Andrew Pyper, A Summer of Ping Pong, The Malahat Review
Bill Richardson, It's in the cards, The Georgia Straight
Timothy Taylor, Doves of Townsend, The Malahat Review

Shane Book, Dust, The Malahat Review
Julie Bruck, Six Poems, The Malahat Review
Jacqueline Larson, Salt Physic, Prairie Fire
Rosemary Sullivan, Granada Notebook, Border Crossings
Brian Wickers, Geese in Flight, Border Crossings

Arts & Entertainment
Jack Batten, For Doris, Toronto Life
Gary Michael Dault, Because I'm not Particularly a Traveller, Canadian Art
Peter Foster, If Glenn Gould Were Alive Today, Toronto Life
Taras Grescoe, Tivi Nation, Saturday Night
Gerald Hannon, Excerpts from a Description of Tom Dean, Canadian Art
Robert Hough, Saddling the Mad Boar, Toronto Life
Monique Roy, La littérature en question, Madame au foyer
Martine Turenne, Le bonhomme 7 heures, L'actualité

Service sponsored by Periodical Marketers of Canada
Yan Barcelo, Objectif: battre les pros!, Affaires Plus
Diane Bérard, Travail: arrêtez d'endurer!, Châtelaine
James Chatto, 1999 Food Guide, Toronto Life
Buffy Childerhose, Pssst…..It's Ok to Play with Sex Toys, Chatelaine
Camilla Cornell, The Sex Complex, Today's Parent
Leanne Delap, Jacob Richler, Sin City, Toronto Life
Ann Douglas, Making Babies, Chatelaine
Ann Dowsett Johnston, Maclean's staff, Measuring Excellence, Maclean's

Sports & Recreation
James Deacon, The Great One, Maclean's
Don Gillmor, On the Rebound, Saturday Night
Bruce Grierson, Court Jester, Saturday Night
Guy Lawson, Mervs Curls Lead, Saturday Night
Yanick Villedieu, La route des fromages, L'actualité

Gregory Boyd Bell, Millenium Bugged/The Rag Trade-off/The PR Rx , eye weekly
Robert Fulford, See no Evil/Cottage Industry/Slouching Toward Manhattan, Toronto Life
Elizabeth Kelly, The Parent Trap/Lord Thy Rod/Dust to Dust, Hamilton Magazine
Mordecai Richler, Memories of Moore/The Joy of No Sex/Canada's Century?, Saturday Night
Jordan Robinson, The Adam's Family/Bye Bye Beater/Grifted!, Vancouver Magazine
Mireille Silcott, The New Satanism/Not-so-cool Britannia/Rhyme Pays, Shift Magazine
Ted Bishop, Homing Instinct, Cycle Canada
Steve Burgess, That 70's Town, Vancouver Magazine
Jackie Garrow, Drawn Onward, Outpost
Jonathan Link, In the Path of the Shadow: Chasing the Last Eclipse of the Millenium, Outpost
Jake MacDonald, Fishing Papa's Paradise, Outdoor Canada
Alison Wearing, Arrival, Queen's Quarterly

Diana Atkinson, From the Gut, Western Living
Lucretia Grindle, Pride and Prejudice, Canadian Geographic
Michel Legault, Le médecin et la mort, L'actualité médicale
David Macfarlane, The Spy Who Snagged Me, Elm Street
Rebecca Raglon, In Defense of Reading, Prairie Fire
Jay Teitel, The Kidnapping of Play, Saturday Night

Personal Journalism sponsored by Canada Post
Wayde Compton, Under My Skin, Saturday Night
Karen Connelly, The skull is made of such thin bone, THIS Magazine
Don Gillmor, South Riverdale, Toronto Life
Jasmine Miller, Love Him, But Leave Him, Chatelaine
Susan Musgrave, Visiting Rites, Saturday Night
Miriam Toews, A Father's Faith, Saturday Night
Timothy Wilson, Boo, Saturday Night
Ken Bailey, The Book on Whitetails, Outdoor Canada
Gord Delamont, The Land Down Under, Canadian Home Workshop
Glenn Flanagan, Tim Whitehead, Your Best Investment Strategy Now, Money $ense
Wayne Lennox, The Perfect Privy, Cottage Life
Mike Randolph, Kick Your Camping Up a Notch, Outdoor Canada

Profiles sponsored by St. Joseph Printing
Jack Batten, For Doris, Toronto Life
Luc Chartrand, Péladeau II, L'actualité
André Ducharme, Une fièvre nommée Perreault, L'actualité
Gerald Hannon, A Monumental Man, Toronto Life
Gerald Hannon, Remembering Zena, Toronto Life
J. Timothy Hunt, An Incredible Hodgepodge of Weirdness, Ryerson Review of Journalism

Editorial Package sponsored by Indas Limited
Diane Bérard, Laurent Fontaine, Daniel Germain, Top 50 jeunes, Revue Commerce
Diane Bérard, Jacinthe Tremblay, René Vézina, Laurent Fontaine Daniel Germain, Sandrine L'Herminier, Power!, Revue Commerce
Ann Brocklehurst (handling editor), Avi Friedman, Judy Ross, Katherine Vansittart, Katherine Macklem, Russell Smith, Welcome Home, enRoute
Luc Chartrand, Razzia sur la forêt, L'actualité
Ann Dowsett Johnston (handling editor) and Maclean's staff, Measuring Excellence, Maclean's
Dane Lanken, Eric Harris, Margaret Williamson, Stephen Hanks Mary Vincent, Andrew Murray, Steven Fick, Robert Semeniuk, Nunavut, Canadian Geographic
James Little (handling editor), Dré Dee, Gary Ball Kevin Van Tighem, Gerry Wolfram, Ken Bailey, René Huard, Andy Clements, Bud Simpson, 100 Years of Canada's Outdoors, Outdoor Canada
Judy Ross, Antanas Sileika, Jane Rodmell, Entertaining a Crowd, Cottage Life
Geoff Stevens (handling editor) + Maclean's staff, Canada's Century, Maclean's
Laas Turnbull (handling editor), Richard Bingham, David Brake, Ian Connacher, Paul Fruitman, Richard Kadrey, Mark Hagee, Matthew McKinnon, Laura Penny, David Pescovitz, Douglas Rushkoff, Maryam Sanati, Jenn Shreve, Clive Thompson, John Turner, Felix Vikhman, The Net Issue, Shift Magazine

Words and Pictures
David Berman (handling editor), Jeannie Marshall David Menzies, Ian Cruickshank (writers), Nadine Arseneault (art director), Eden Robbins, George Whiteside, Lorella Zanetti (photographers), Messages in a Bottle, Stick Work, Forever Young, Cute but Expensive, National Post Business
Cheryl Embrett (handling editor), Kris Purdy (writer), Donna Spence (art director), Homeless, Homemaker's
Angie Gardos, Gary Ross (handling editors), Sky Gilbert (writer), Sandra Latini (art director), Bryce Duffy (photographer), Positive, Toronto Life
Nadine Kocho (handling editor), Matthew McKinnon (writer), Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown (art directors), Floria Sigismondi (photographer), Work Wear, Shift
John Macfarlane, Angie Gardos, Gary Ross (handling editors), Nigel Dickson (photographer), Sandra Latini, Vicki Hornsby (art directors), City of Writers, Toronto Life
Richard Rhodes (handling editor), Dot Tuer (writer), Vid Ingelevics (photo editor), Barbara Solowan (art director), Camera Obscured, Canadian Art
Carolann Rule (handling editor), Trevor Boddy (writer), Rick Staehling (art director), Edifice Rex, Western Living
Hilary Smyth (handling editor), Carolynn Kenndy (writer), Hasnain Dattu (photographer), Maarten Sluyter (art director), Out of the Closet, Canadian House & Home
David Zimmer (handling editor), Charles Long (writer), Joseph Salina (illustrator), Faith Cochran (art director), Atlas Shrugged, Newton Tugged, Cottage Life

Visual Categories
(in alphabetical order)

Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown (art directors), Chris Nicholls (photographer),Architectural Model, Shift
Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown (art directors), Miroslaw Baszak (photographer), Go Reconfigure, Shift
Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown (art directors), Floria Sigismondi (photographer),Work Wear, Shift
Brad MacIver (art director), Gabor Jurina (photographer), Jimmy Moorhouse (stylist), High Contrast, Toronto Life Fashion
Brad MacIver (art director), Colin Faulkner (photographer), Dee Connolly (stylist), Technical Expertise, Toronto Life Fashion
Jean-Marc Martin (art director), Monic Richard (photographer), Marie-Christine Allard (stylist), Dessous Définis, Mariage Québec
Karen Simpson, Nadine Arseneault (art directors), George Whiteside (photographer), Claude Morin (stylist), Grand Illusion, National Post Business
Marc Stewart (art director), Chris Nicholls (photographer), Jimmy Moorhouse (stylist), Brave New Romance, Wedding Bells, Chicago
Marc Stewart (art director), Chris Nicholls (photographer), Jimmy Moorhouse (stylist), Zen and Now, Wedding Bells, New York
Martha Weaver (art director), Robert Nelson (photographer), Dominique Vien (stylist), Persona, Elm Street

Illustration sponsored by THE INTERPROVINCIAL GROUP
Graham Gillmore, Falling Slowly, Vancouver
Jerzy Kolacz, Burned by the Sun, Elm Street
Louise Muretich, Dear Mr. Brezhnev, I don't want to die, THIS Magazine
Alain Pilon, Would you blow the whistle on sex abuse, Chatelaine
Alain Pilon, Gods and Monsters, Elm Street
Alain Pilon, Follies of the Century, National Post Business
Joseph Salina, Turkish Momma, Canadian
Christine Stephens, Video Game Guide, Shift
Maurice Vellekoop, Operation Champagne, enRoute
Tim Zeltner, A Time for Tradition, Today's Grandparent

Magazine Covers sponsored by TRANSCONTINENTAL PRINTING
Chris Dixon, Joy, Adbusters
Chris Dixon, Manufacturing Desire, Adbusters
Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, The Work Issue , Shift
Stephen Hanks, Through the Lens, Canadian Geographic
Sandra Latini, Pre, Toronto Life
Danielle Le Bel, Portraits in Jazz, enRoute
Alice Unger, Urban Chic, Gardening Life

Spot Illustration
Bob Daly, Make it Count, Canadian Business Magazine
Katy Dockrill, A Bird in the Hand, Chatelaine
Gerard Dubois, Canadian Letters –November, Saturday Night
Michel Larose, The Limp Whip, Report on Business Magazine
Luc Melanson, Rigged, Saturday Night
Erik Mohr, A Surly Genius, Saturday Night
Stephanie Power, Whither the Canadian Hottie?, Flare
Jason Schneider, Canadian Letters - September, Saturday Night
Martena Zuber, Ghost in the Machine, Elm Street

Still-life Photography

Douglas Bradshaw, Tender Mercies, Elm Street
Colin Faulkner, Technical Expertise, Toronto Life Fashion
Tom Feiler, The Couch-potato's Xmas gift guide, Shift
George Whiteside, Talking Parrots, Gardening Life
George Whiteside, Poppies, Gardening Life

Evan Dion, Holy Roman Church, Toronto Life
Evan Dion, A Side of Egg F, oo Young, Toronto Life
Colin Faulkner, Green Velvet, Gardening Life
Deborah Samuel, Breaking the waves, enRoute
Paddy Wales, Autumn Blade Runners, Gardening Life
George Whiteside, In My White Room, Toronto Life Fashion
George Whiteside, Garden Club, Gardening Life

Portrait Photography
Brodylo and Morrow, Holy Terror, Saturday Night
Chris Buck, Class of 99, Shift
Nigel Dickson, CEO of the Year, National Post Business
Nigel Dickson, City of Writers, Toronto Life
Nigel Dickson, A Monumental Man, Toronto Life
Bryce Duffy, The Cutting Edge, Shift
Suzanne Langevin, Politically comiques, L'actualité
Floria Sigismondi, Melissa's Chrysalis, enRoute

Photojournalism sponsored by KODAK CANADA INC.
Nancy Ackerman, Landfill Landscape, Canadian Geographic
Robert Bourdeau, The Station Point, Border Crossings
Bryce Duffy, Port of Many Callings , enRoute
Geoffrey James, Suburbia, Shift
Gary Salewicz, Clean Sweep, Toronto Life
Derek Shapton, Adventures in Clubland, Toronto Life
Larry Towell, The Road to Bountiful , Canadian Geographic
Art Direction for a Single Magazine Article
Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, Rawshift - Pills, Shift
Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, The Cutting Edge, Shift
Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, Video Game Guide, Shift
Stephen Hanks, The Road to Bountiful, Canadian Geographic
Danielle Le Bel, Operation Champagne, enRoute
Danielle Le Bel, Hot Northern Jazz, enRoute
Danielle LeBel, The Chocolate Front, enRoute
Danielle LeBel, The Cost of Comfort, enRoute
Brad MacIver, Technical Expertise, Toronto Life Fashion
Alice Unger, Herb Breads, Gardening Life

Art Direction for an Entire Issue sponsored by QUEBECOR INC.
Bill Douglas, Coupe 02, Coupe
Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, The Net Issue, Shift
Diti Katona, September/October, Azure
Stephen Hanks, Through the Lens Annual, Canadian Geographic
Karen Simpson, Nadine Arseneault, The Kid in the Corner Office, National Post Business
Contact: 416-422-1358
--The Editor

Two new Where books prepare to launch
Toronto, Ont., 17 April, 2000: The Where Canada chain of magazines has expanded to include two popular Canadian tourist regions.
In partnership with Muskoka Tourism, Where Toronto will launch Where Muskoka this spring.
Also this spring, Where Vancouver will launch Where Thompson/Okanagan.
Both digest-sized, full-colour magazines will begin life as annuals, with circulations of 100,000 and 50,000 respectively.
Where Toronto associate publisher Hannah James says the frequencies may increase next year to include spring and winter issues.
A full-page ad costs $2,593 in Where Muskoka and $3,500 in Where Thompson/Okanagan.
As with other titles in the Where Canada franchise, both new giveaways will be distributed through hotels, visitor information sites and tourist attractions in their respective areas.
Where Muskoka will also be distributed in Toronto hotels.
Contact: 416-364-3333 (Where Muskoka); 604-736-5586 (Where Thompson/Okanagan).
--Deanna Rosolen

Maclean's editorial staff play musical chairs
Toronto, Ont., 14 April, 2000: The editorial masthead at Maclean's has seen several changes of late.
Among them:
• national affairs columnist Anthony Wilson-Smith now has additional duties as editor-at-large;
• Vancouver bureau chief Chris Wood, who is now national correspondent (technology), has been replaced by western business correspondent Jennifer Hunter;
• assistant editor Tanya Davies has been promoted to associate editor;
• researcher/reporter Shanda Deziel is now an assistant editor; and
• editorial administrator Sean McClusky has been promoted to production director
Contact: 416-596-5132
--The Editor

D.B. Scott to help gauge industry concerns
Cambridge, Ont., 13 April, 2000: The Canadian Magazine Publishers Association (CMPA) wants to know where the rest of the industry's head is at--and it's hired consultant David Scott of Impresa Communications to find out.
Contracted in February, Scott aims to talk to all industry-affiliated associations to pinpoint common concerns and to determine the potential for partnerships.
According to CMPA executive director Mark Jamison, the survey is all about "trying to build consensus" among industry associations to help them find "where they need to be in support of the industry."
Contending that he would like to keep the discussions as open as possible, Scott says he won't be asking pointed questions about specific issues such as retailing, distribution or circulation.
Instead, he wants to "follow the process where it leads."
By June, Scott says he hopes to circulate his findings among the participants as the first step toward forming long-term joint initiatives.
Contact: 416-504-0274
--Lana Castleman

New golf title to serve duffers and pros alike
Toronto, Ont., 12 April, 2000: It's not just for "golf nuts," stresses editor Mark Keast. Canadian PGA Golf Magazine also aims to serve duffers merely interested in the game, or "high handicappers" who want suggestions on how to improve.
Developed through a partnership between Toronto-based Tribute Publishing (En primeur, Tribute Magazine, WILD, etc.) and the Canadian Professional Golfers' Association (CPGA), the new, full-colour glossy is set to tee off next month.
According to Keast, the new title aims to position itself as a lifestyle golfing magazine with an emphasis on celebrities--either in golf or outside the golfing circle.
Regular departments will examine equipment, fashion, travel, fitness/wellness and "a lot on instruction."
There will also be humour. "I want it to be self-deprecating," says Keast. "I don't want the golf magazine to take itself too seriously. That's a goal."
Canadian PGA Golf Magazine will be distributed across Canada through pro shops.
Targeted advertising categories include golf equipment, golf courses, travel, alcohol/spirits, electronics and automobiles.
Under the partnership between Tribute and the CPGA, both parties will sell advertising and attend editorial meetings, says the CPGA's manager of communications, Terry Dyni.
Contact: 416-445-0544
Frequency: quarterly
Circulation: 150,000
Cover price: $1.95
Subscription: $11.95
Colour ad: $10,000
--Deanna Rosolen

New health title linked to Uniprix drugstores
Kirkland, Que., 11 April, 2000: The national health and nutrition book Vitalité Québec has spun off a sister French-language publication in conjunction with the Uniprix chain of drugstores.
Launched in February, Le Complément Naturel is distributed to 53 Uniprix outlets throughout Quebec, each of which receives 1,000 copies.
Stores that carry the new title must also offer a related selection of natural health products, says publisher Pierre Martineau.
To be published 11 times a year, the tab-format giveaway covers natural health products, vitamins, research, plants and recipes.
Advertisers include only those companies that produce natural health products (a one-time, full-page colour ad goes for $3,400).
In related news, Vitalité Québec has increased its frequency from nine to 10 issues a year.
As well, both titles have shifted from Baie D'Urfé, Que. to Kirkland, Que.
Contact: 514-697-5888
--Deanna Rosolen

Redesigned Avid title posts jump in paid subs
Markham, Ont., 10 April, 2000: Outdoor Canada has greeted the spring with a graphic redesign, the title's first major change since it was purchased last year by Avid Media Inc. (formerly Camar Publications).
Except for the logo, the book has been revamped from cover to cover--complete with new fonts and section headers--by art director June Anderson and editor James Little.
The new look debuted with the recent March issue.
In related news, subscriptions to Outdoor Canada have jumped 37.5% under Avid's stewardship thanks to aggressive direct mail, package insert, co-op and newsstand promotions.
Ad revenue is also up by 6% since Markham, Ont.'s Avid bought the book.
Contact: 905-475-8440
--The Editor

Magazines earn attention from The Review
Toronto, Ont., 7 April, 2000: The spring and summer editions of the Ryerson Review of Journalism have hit the streets, and once again the magazine medium received its fair share of fresh-eyed scrutiny.
Among its student-penned examinations of Canadian journalism, the spring issue included features on Alberta Report founder Ted Byfield, the rivalry between MoneySense and IE:Money, the shake-up in the women's magazine category, and the viability of magazine Web sites.
The summer issue, meanwhile, investigated the current controversy over the rise of magalogues, and the plight of freelance magazine contributors.
Shepherded this year by instructor and longtime magazine journalist Don Obe, The Review is published twice annually by Ryerson Polytechnic University's School of Journalism.
Sources, contributors, advisers, media types and even some of the subjects of the articles themselves descended on Ryerson last night for the official launch party
Contact: 416-979-5000, ext. 7434
--The Editor

Dot-com biz swallows another mag publisher
Vancouver, B.C., 6 April, 2000: The Internet portal has added yet another finance-related publishing concern to its portfolio with the purchase of Mutual Fund Review and its related products.
The deal was announced in February, the same month relaunched another recent acquisition, Planning for Profits, as Magazine (see "Planning for Profits relaunch" in February's Daily News archive).
Along with Mutual Fund Review, this most recent purchase includes French-language sister title La revue des fonds mutuels, the monthly newsletter Fund Counsel and the related Web site
Creators Levi Folk and Richard Webb will continue to edit both titles.
As of its spring issue, however, the English magazine will become Mutual Fund Review, with its focus broadening to include online investment.
The newsletter will similarly change to Fund Counsel, and its Web site will be integrated into the site.
The French title will not change.
Contact: 604-681-7210 (
--Deanna Rosolen

Business annual moves to twice a year
Toronto, Ont., 5 April, 2000: Business Careers Canada has made somewhat of a career move of its own, graduating from annual to biannual status this month.
The frequency change coincides with the three-year-old glossy's Spring/Summer issue, notes publisher Paul Macygyn.
Covering the small business market--including home-based enterprises--the Toronto-based magazine also features a directory of resources geared to entrepreneurs.
With a circulation of 30,000, Business Careers Canada is distributed to more than 175 federal and provincial government business resource centres across the country.
The Macygyn Communications title also a Web site:
Contact: 416-955-1550
--Deanna Rosolen

Equinox poised to unveil new graphic design
Montreal, Que., April 4, 2000: Although full details are not yet available, Equinox is preparing to unveil a graphic redesign with its upcoming June/July issue.
The new look will not be "a big departure from what's gone on here before," acknowledges editor Martin Silverstone, although there will be new typefaces and an overall new layout, including a new cover treatment.
As for revamping the Equinox logo, Silverstone says any change "depends if they can come up with something stronger."
Editorially, meanwhile, there will be minor changes to some of the existing departments. along with the addition of a new section on technology, says Silverstone.
Contact: 514-327-4464
--Deanna Rosolen

Manitoba-based teen book revamps look
Winnipeg, Man., 3 April, 2000: As of its February issue, What! a magazine is now known simply as What.
And along with the truncated new name, the Winnipeg-based title for teens aged 13 to 18 now sports a new logo and a new graphic design.
Designer Geoff Yuen says his inspiration for the new logo came from teenage clothing and sports equipment logos.
According to art director Brian Kauste, the redesign was not "a huge overhaul," although the book now carries more photos and its section headers have been harmonized.
The changes follow last September's revamping of the editorial, which featured the introduction of several new departments and the renaming of existing sections.
The 250,000 circ magazine is published five times throughout the academic year.
Contact: 204-985-8160
--Deanna Rosolen

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