Gadget Blog RSS MastheadOnline Blogs RSS en-us Sun, 14 Feb 2016 18:04:09 EST Sun, 14 Feb 2016 18:03:49 EST Is 2016 the Year of the Digital Shakedown of the Ad Tech community? a" The growth of ad blocking software Martin Seto Thu, 21 Jan 2016 18:03:09 EST The growth of the adtech segment in the advertising world has gone through various lifecycle stages as seen in other industries. An adtech company is Google, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, YouTube, Taboola, ad networks etc. The phases of any industry are early adoption, great growth, mass adoption and finally maturation where sales peak. For the ad tech industry I would guess estimate it is in early maturation phase as sales are starting to level out. The best indicator of this is the recent 28% decline My Christmas Wish List for the Publishing industry - A recipe for digital success from La Presse Martin Seto Wed, 23 Dec 2015 18:03:11 EST If I had a Christmas wish for the publishing industry it would be a recipe for the right mix for a modern media brand and a market opportunity to hitch a ride on. I think in 2016 both of these wishes may come true. The first market opportunity I see is a web creditability problem, with the growing concern in the media buying community of automated traffic created by bots and spiders on the internet being estimated as high as 40-50% of global traffic. Current web stats cannot accur Bring back the Dell Computer Dude a" A look at some classic TV tech ads just in time for the holidays Martin Seto Mon, 30 Nov 2015 18:03:12 EST As we enter the holiday season we will be seeing a lot of TV ads, so I thought I would reminiscence on some of the high tech classics and talk about online video consumption. There is no denying the fact that a TV spot, through the power of sight and sound, can cultivate a cool brand image. Adding “Cool Product” to your brand is a huge competitive advantage for technology products, but it is not easy do and sustain over time. Here is a look how DELL, Apple and Microsoft used TV spots The Riches of the Digital E-Waste Land a" $68 million in gold, silver, palladium and copper waiting to be E-harvested for Charity Martin Seto Wed, 21 Oct 2015 17:55:43 EST One man’s junk is another man’s riches cannot be more true when you look at the recycling efforts being made with electronic waste generated by the digital revolution. With every new Apple iPhone release that breaks sales records, somebody has to dispose of the phone in a responsible matter via recycling efforts, as E-waste contains toxic materials that cannot be sent to landfill sites. Even with this knowledge it's estimated that only 30% of E-waste is recycled global The Dark Web a" What are Your Website Security Measures? Martin Seto Thu, 24 Sep 2015 17:41:54 EST Cyberspace is still full of unknowns to explore and I found it fascinating to know that the World Wide Web can be divided into two segments: the “Surface” web and in the shadows, the Deep web. The Surface web is all the content that can be indexed by the public search engines and is estimated at 15-20 billion web pages or 4% of all pages. The Deep web is a place that is not indexed by search engines and is ball-parked at 400-500 times bigger in the number of pages. These deep web web Blackberry Passport Review a" A Device for the Power User with Peace of Mind for Hacker Attacks Martin Seto Thu, 20 Aug 2015 17:35:27 EST It has been almost two years (Nov. 2013) since Blackberry appointed its new captain, John Chen, to steer the ship. We have seen Blackberry (formerly RIM) grow from a must have business device, to a consumer staple in 15 years since the Blackberry (BB) 957 was launched in 2000. At their height in market adoption they had 79 million users worldwide in 2012 and now sit at 46 million in 2015. The overall market has now grown to 190 million users in the USA and 28.5 million in Canada with Apple Is Behavioural or Native Advertising the latest smoke screen from the tech community to reinvent advertising online? Martin Seto Thu, 9 Jul 2015 17:42:30 EST As a freelance media director for an ad agency I have been pitched ad networks, behavioural ads and native advertising concepts. As part of the due diligence in any media plan, I look at the ability to deliver to the target market, based on the person’s profile, location, timing and purchasing influence that the person has on the company’s products that I am advertising. The objective is the right person at the right time with the right message. To illustrate this poi Why the Digital Content System is Broken. How Can We Fix It? Martin Seto Fri, 19 Jun 2015 12:58:12 EST One of the challenges facing the media industry is converting free web readers to a paid one. This is a near impossible task if you start out giving it away for free. Some have tried and failed and went back to free. In the early years of the Internet it had to be free to get a trial so it was good strategy at that time. But, if you give it away for free the writer suffers in this industry model, as there is less money to pay them. Companies like Google have benefited from this ac The 2015 COPAas Search for Digital Excellence begins. Martin Seto Wed, 20 May 2015 17:43:58 EST The benchmarks for digital excellence for the Canadian media industry are set each year with the Canadian Online Publishing Awards. The call for entries began May 4 with a deadline of July 6. The Early bird deadline is June 1.  We have made some adjustments to the categories this year that includes a “Best Editorial Packaging” award for publishers that meet the highest journalistic standards in the multiplatform digital world. The COPA awards party is schedule fo Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review a" Backyard Mobile technology for Patio Living Martin Seto Thu, 23 Apr 2015 13:39:28 EST It is hard to fathom that Microsoft is now an underdog in the consumer heavy weight technology division with Google, Apple, Sony and Samsung as other contenders for the title. But times change. Technology companies in their search for growth to meet stock market expectations have expanded into different industries to generate new revenue streams. They have become conglomerates like GE in their business strategy. GE makes appliances, lighting for homes and business, provide The Kid that Cried Wolf - When is Social Media going to grow up and act like a responsible adult? Martin Seto Thu, 12 Mar 2015 13:39:30 EST I am amazed at all the childish behaviour of social media companies. It seems that the rules of good conduct does not apply to this supposedly superior medium versus traditional media. I beg to differ, as I believe that social media is like that child that never grows up and acts like a spoiled little brat, but nobody has the guts to discipline them, as they will cry child abuse, well I do! The recent social media scandals include a professional hockey player&rsquo Traditional vs. Digital advertising - Reinventing the ways to help grow your clientas business Martin Seto Wed, 25 Feb 2015 17:41:44 EST In my opinion traditional approaches are still the best way to help grow your clients business. You cannot put all your eggs in the digital basket no matter what the latest media hype suggests. But, the discussion between traditional approaches and the disruption technology has on human interaction and behaviour will influence your client’s marketing  strategy. Lets not forget that ad recall in the digital medium is the lowest of all advertising choices and a 30 second The Myths of the Promise of Technology for Society a" Brain Beanie the latest in tech gear Martin Seto Thu, 15 Jan 2015 17:35:18 EST There is a belief that technology will always  solve the ills of society and bring prosperity to us all. History has shown this to be true with the creation of new industries that provide jobs to the growing population. There is growing evidence that technology can do the reverse and make our lives worse. The recent ban of fracking technology to recover natural gas in New York state has shown there are medical side effects for the local communities where the drilling takes place. This blind The COPAs 2014, the best in Canadian Digital Publishing sets the bar higher again Martin Seto Mon, 22 Dec 2014 17:35:18 EST The 2014 COPAs are now over and it's time to recognize the Best in Canada.  As an industry we should be very proud of the world class work produced by Canadians in this year’s crop of entries. My goal is to showcase this home-grown talent and provide some swagger to the industry on the international stage that is the web.   The COPA Awards party at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto on November 20 was a fun time for all. I even got into the act by wearing a hock Digital Scam Alert: The Browser Hijackers Martin Seto Sun, 30 Nov 2014 13:08:26 EST There is some adware making the rounds that has shown on up some of the computers I am working on. I thought it was originally something that just showed on my Windows machines. This attack occurred after I checked out one the websites (a “Watering Hole” technique to deliver malware) that my kids were visiting to watch free videos. I explained to my children how this occurs primarily on Windows machines, but this has changed as I would discover later.   This partic