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28 August 2017,    
Google is finally stepping up for Ad Fraud with cold hard cash.

The customer is finally getting payback for all the ad fraud that exists in ad networks that offer supposedly superior results. According to this Wall Street Journal article Google is finally making restitution for all the ad fraud that exists in their online advertising system. These refunds have been reaching hundreds of thousand of dollars according to the Wall St article. If I was the advertsier I would be firing that digital agency that did the buy also as they let the client get scammed.

In my blog posting in February on Fake News I demanded refunds for all the advertisers that got scammed. Yeah!!! We have finally been heard.

For some strange reason advertisers keep going back in this environment thinking it will grow sales because it is so cheap. Just ask P&G, they elminated digital from their budget and sales increased 2%. If I was an advertiser and got scammed why would you trust them, I guess the digital marketers ad/ tech industry want to keep their jobs and keep holding the party line of if you don’t go digital you will die. I am sorry you have been exposed. Traditional media you don’t get scammed. Read this report that was posted last week on Masthead on the depth of ad fraud that is out there. Legitimate publishers look golden. The State of Digital seminar at this year's COPA event this year will explore this issue with yours truly leading the discussion.

— Martin Seto
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