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10 July 2014,    
Ad recall in digital magazines on par with print
GfK MRI Starch Advertising Research has released a report stating advertisements in tablet versions of magazines have the same level of recall, on average as print magazine ads.

Although the report was done for the American market, it presents valuable information for Canadian publications in the wake of magazines going digital and/or having both digital and print editions.

The data also showed that tablets reach younger readers with high incomes and engagement. The average level of reader recall for print and digital ads in 2013 was 52% and the top noted digital magazine ads were recalled by over 80 % of readers—the same with print ads.

The company analyzed reader recall for 28,624 magazine ads in 805 tablet magazine issues published in 2013, by asking survey participants whether they remembered reading certain ads and using the interactive features.

Those surveyed said advertising was a essential part of the magazine experience and for those that recalled at least one ad from a digital magazine, 62% gave the magazine a five, or five out of six rating for the following statements: The interactive features help me learn more about the products/services, The ads in this publication are valuable sources of new information, and I read this publication as much for the ads as for the articles.

Ads featuring household products received higher noted scores during the survey opposed to ads featuring luxury goods and cars.

The top five categories and average noted scores were:

 Vegetable Juices (66%); Candy & Mints (64%); Food & Beverage, Discount Department Store (64%); Soups (63%); Home & Building, Department Store (63%); and Department Stores, 63%).

Home & Building, Department Store (64%); Candy & Mints (63%); Vegetable
Juices, (61%); Food Wraps, Foils & Bags (61%); Household Soaps, Cleansers & Polishes (61%); and Department Stores (61%).
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