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18 August 2014,     EDMONTON
On Spec magazine loses funding, reaches out to readers
On Spec
magazine has lost its Canada Council for the Arts funding for 2015. The science fiction and fantasy quarterly journal has showcased Canadian writers and artists for the past 25 years. The grant (between $20-25,000) was used to pay writers and its printer.

According to Diane Walton, the publication's managing editor, the council’s jury read On Spec’s evaluation, grants application, financial reports and supporting documentation, and determined that the publication was in need of “a higher quality of fiction,” and better proof-reading, design and copy-editing.

“In view of the quality of the writing, I want to tell you that the editors of On Spec have never compromised on the fiction they select for publication,” Walton stated in a blog posted by the magazines editor. “So without concrete examples of what the jury members considered to be such low quality writing, (surely it wasn’t every story in all four issues!) we had no idea what they meant when they were asking us to find better fiction."

On Spec is contemplating going the all-digital route, with print copies available on demand, however they still have some funding left before the decision is made.

The Edmonton-based publication is seeking other means of funding by asking its readers to subscribe, donate and spread the word, despite the council’s verdict—which is final.
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