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29 July 2014,     ALBERTA
Magazine Project takes a look at the industry’s Past, Present and Future
A new collaborative project entitled Modern Magazines Project Canada is in the works, aiming to build an international and interdisciplinary network to study and promote magazines.

Between Aug. 14-16 invite only workshops entitled Magazines and/as Media will take place, as well as a public symposium entitled Magazines: Past, Present, Future. The goal of this symposium is to build towards long-term partnerships focused on magazines and the industry’s seemingly digital future. It’s being presented in collaboration with Edmonton-based magazine Eighteen Bridges and the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association.

The project is being organized by Hannah McGregor a SSHRC- funded postdoctoral fellow in the University of Alberta’s department of English and film studies, Faye Hammill a professor of English at the University of Strathclyde and Paul Hjartarso, professor emeritus in the department of English and film studies at the University of Alberta.

Magazines: Past, Present, Future takes place on Aug.16 at the University of Alberta’s Alumni House from 7-9pm. Visit the website for more information.
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