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15 July 2014,     TORONTO
MagNet 2015 pushed back, FIPP World Congress takes centre stage
MagNet’s 2015 conference will be pushed back to 2016 in order to shine a light on the Canadian Magazine industry during the FIPP World Congress taking place in Toronto on Oct. 13-15, 2015.

Hundreds of delegates from dozens of countries will be attending FIPP, and Magazine Canada’s board of directors and team behind the MagNet conference have developed and integrated Canadian programming with international programming at FIPP 2015, instead of going forward with the annual conference.

Fabrizio D’Angelo of Hubert Burda Media in Germany and Douglas Knight of St. Joseph Media in Canada are the congress’ co-chairs.

Magazines Canada anticipates that this opportunity will give Canadian stakeholders in the evolving magazine industry a platform to showcase what they have to offer on an international scale. 

The next MagNet conference will be held in June 2016.
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I can't wait till this rag of a newspaper chain dies. Shouldn't be long now...
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