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12 March 2014,     STOUFFVILLE, ON
Halvor Moorshead passes away
Halvor Moorshead
Halvor Moorshead
Independent publishing vet Halvor Moorshead died suddenly March 7 at the age of 71. His Moorshead Magazines outfit published titles including Family Chronicle and History Magazine.

In 1980 Moorshead came to Canada after purchasing the Canadian operation of Electionics Today International, a title that first launched in Australia and expanded to the U.K. and other markets in Europe.

He grew his company with publications such as Pets Magazine, Government Purchasing Guide, Computing Now and more. A personal interest in genealogy spurred him to launch a group of titles starting with Family Chronicle in 1997; as well as Internet Genealogy, Discovering Family History and its sister title, History Magazine.

In its heyday the company had 10 titles and a staff of 50 employees. Moorshead retired from the industry in 2008, sold his remaining publications and moved into radio as the chair of WhiStle Radio in Stouffville, Ont.

He leaves behind his wife, Marian; Victoria, Alexandra, Timothy and Christina; two grandsons, Trevor and David; his brother, Robin, in England; and family members around the world. "He leaves a huge void that will never be filled," said Victoria.
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