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7 February 2012,     TORONTO
Maclean's releases first multimedia ebook
Rogers Publishing has released what may be the industry's first electronic-only SIP.

Maclean's magazine, a Rogers title, has created its first "multimedia eBook", The Shafia Honour Killing Trial, a 171-page interactive edition with "in-depth reporting, videos, audio clips and photos, bringing to life the dramatic story of the honour killings trial that captivated Canadians."


A release from Rogers notes, "Maclean’s award-winning senior writer Michael Friscolanti was there to capture it all — and more — inside the packed Shafia 'honour killing' trial, as the dramatic evidence that led to the conviction of three murderers was unfurled over several months."

The Shafia Honour Killing Trial eBook is available in PDF format for $1.99; or, for the iPad, downloadable for 99 cents within Maclean’s free magazine app, on the Apple Newsstand.

Maclean's new publisher, Penny Hicks, could not be immediately reached to speak about the new offering.
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