Aux Mode Announces Facebook Reporting Rollout

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Toronto-based digital rights management and revenue reporting company, Aux Mode, is pleased to announce it is now operating across multiple platforms! This recent expansion to Facebook allows customers to combine multiple revenue reporting files.

Founded in 2014, Aux Mode operates to provide concise financial data to Hollywood studios, distributors, producers, and brands to maximize revenue while protecting content from misuse online. The internally developed Revenue Reporting SaaS Platform is a cloud-based software application that automates monthly revenue reports for rights holders.

Through automating the reporting process, Aux Mode delivers monthly revenue reports, revenue splitting, and channel insights seamlessly and without the risk of human error. Aux Mode’s SaaS platform automatically pulls revenue data from a client’s existing platform, processes the file, and directly emails the reports to their finance team.

Aux Mode’s modular system allows for additional revenue streams to be added to the SaaS platform. This agnostic approach has helped Aux Mode become experts in AVOD reporting, on both YouTube and Facebook.

Adam Rumanek, Founder and CEO of Aux Mode, stated: “The future of our multi-platform solution will open up a larger data set for a SaaS/DaaS model. With more platforms launching, content predictability will likely be achieved with larger data sets tied together from multiple platforms. Since Hollywood studios are unlikely to share data, the next best form of data gathering is going to be platform agnostic. The generation of more data will surface in tandem with the arrival of more platforms, which will ultimately lead to understanding your customers' behaviours—and more importantly predict what they would watch next.”


Adam Rumanek

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Aux Mode Announces Facebook Reporting Rollout

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